Are Fish Finders Waterproof?

Many of us want to go fishing, but when we consider what will happen if it starts raining, we tend to ask ourselves a particular question.

And this question is, “are fish finders waterproof?”. In our article, we will be giving you an answer to this question. So we implore that you keep reading to find out. 

Fish finders and waterproof

Now, are fish finders waterproof? The answer is complex. This is because while the modern fish finders are made watertight, the older ones are not. 

In other news, the modern fish finders you buy can withstand being submerged in water after a while. Understand that some have been made more waterproof than others regarding fish finders. 

More so, with such information, you need to have some things in mind when purchasing a fish finder. Some of these things are: 

  • Ensure the fish finder is adequately sealed and the connections are safely secured. 
  • Have an idea of the type of water you will use this device in, as salt water can damage electronics. 

Lastly, make sure you test the fish finder before you go fishing to know if it is working correctly. 

Ways to make the fish finder more waterproof 

Now you have answers to the question, “are fish finders waterproof?” Understand that you can ensure your device is waterproof since some are only water resistant to an extent. 

Temporarily capsizing the fish finder to check if it is fully waterproof is OK, as there are steps you can follow to protect your device. 

The primary area you should worry about is the cable connections. It is imperative to note that the cable connection lies between the power source, transducer, and the device. 

And if water mistakenly gets into these areas, there will be electrical shorts plus inaccurate readings from the device. You should also be concerned about the battery as it can cause electrical shorts. 

You can use dielectric grease to make the fish finder more waterproof so nothing gets damaged. Remember that the grease is very easy to use and protects the fish finder excellently. 

More so, you can make use of it by: 

  • First of all, cleaning all the electrical connections 
  • Applying a tiny amount of the grease to the point where the connections come together. This aim is for the grease to help stop corrosion and enable the electric current to flow freely. 
  • Reassembling the components and wiping off the extra grease that may be there. 

Understand that dielectric grease will protect against particles, saltwater, dirt, and even fresh water

Another way to make your fish finder more waterproof to avoid damage is using a clear waterproof case. 

Do you know those clear cases crafted for phones? They are big enough for your small fish finder to fit into. And it will be great in adding extra protection to your waterproof device. 

Plus, if your fish finder has the touchscreen feature, you can use it while the fish finder is in the waterproof case. 


Have you been searching for answers to “are fish finders waterproof”? This is because, if yes, we have provided you with the needed answers to this common question. Ensure you read through to get enlightened on the topic.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Are all fish finders waterproof? 

No. While the modern ones are made to be waterproof, some of the older ones are not. However, some fish finders are made watertight to an extent.

Will my fish finder get wet? 

If fully protected, it will stay dry. However, with the waterproof feature, you have nothing to worry about.