Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe For Fishing? How Useful Are They In 2023?

Presently, the use of an inflatable kayak for fishing is climbing the popularity level. But with it come many questions from beginners like ‘are inflatable kayaks safe for fishing’ or ‘are inflatable kayaks the right choice’ or ‘are these durable.’

Inflatable kayaks are the ultimate solution for kayak fishing and kayaking. It is lightweight, stable, and durable. Unlike the traditional hard-shell kayak, the inflatable kayak is portable and storable.

 It can easily fit in a backpack and be stored in the closet at home. Therefore, this makes an excellent option for sports people who lack a storage facility. In addition, its portability feature makes traveling and kayak fishing hassle-free.

It is also mentioned that rescue missions led by coast guards and military agencies regard both inflatable kayaks and boats as quality equipment. This ensures the reliability of the product. This also speaks out the answer to the commonly asked question- ‘are inflatable kayaks reliable.’

Fishing has been an all-time favorite activity for many. So with that, we see that the sport of kayak fishing has recently stolen the show. But, of course, there is a good reason for it. Sportsman finds it the most cost-friendly means of fishing compared to the boat.

Inflatable Kayaks Safe for Fishing Due to What Materials

The most common material used for making most inflatable kayaks is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Some kayaks are wrapped in strong fabric for extra protection. Again, some kayaks are wrapped with highly durable poly-based material.

A kayak with drop stitch technology is super rigid and keeps the weight down. In addition, this feature saves storage space and paddle power. Apart from PVC, other commonly used materials to make inflatable kayaks are Hypalon, Nitrylon, Neoprene, Polyethylene, and Textiles. 

Inflatable Kayaks Safe For Fishing _ Made of
Inflatable Kayaks Safe For Fishing _ Made of

Usually, older inflatable kayaks were made from Hypalon or Neoprene, but presently new models are made with PVC. Inflatables made with cheap materials tend to get punctured easily. This is best for kids to have fun but not for serious anglers. 

A durable and standard quality inflatable has multiple chambers of air so that it does not sink if punctured. In addition, a good inflatable kayak has a strong and firm seam that can withstand the tensions of long trips and white water.

Certain kayak accessories like carrying cases and fabric floors are special add-ons for the comfort of the kayaker. It is a sign of good quality kayak. This also extends the life span of inflatables.

Can You Fish in an Inflatable Kayak?

Kayaking and fishing are both incredible sports; when you combine them, you get the best of the two worlds. An inflatable fishing kayak has become the best option for fishing. The high demand for inflatable fishing kayaks is portability, storability, and cost-effectiveness. 

Inflatable kayak has made kayak fishing more popular. In addition, it is easily accessible for anglers who lack storage space at their residence. So can it be included that –‘are inflatable kayaks good for fishing?’ yes, it is definitely a good option for fishing today. The inflatable fishing kayak comes in a compact size.

You can fish from on a kayak and keep fish on a kayak since it has enough storage space. The best part is that you can carry it easily to any water body for fishing, whether a lake, river, or sea. Fishing from an inflatable kayak is, of course, fun, and its utility is quite more feasible than a hard-shell kayak. 

There are certain models of inflatable kayaks that are built only for fishing. But as a beginner, you can definitely use an inflatable kayak for fishing.

The new high-end inflatables come with many features. The advanced design makes inflatable kayaks safe for fishing and easy maintenance. Inflatable fishing kayaks include storage space, fish-rod holder, drink holder, etc.

If you want to participate in activities other than fishing, go for any plain kayak. But I would suggest opting for an inflatable kayak made especially for fishing if your sole purpose is a fishing activity only.

Typical Fishing Kayak Vs. Inflatable Fishing Kayak

We tend to dig out details before purchasing a fishing kayak. The main detail we look for is the comparisons between normal and inflatable fishing kayaks; which is more suitable for fishing?

An inflatable fishing kayak is quite in demand among fishing lovers. It is due to the design which is created keeping fishing in mind. But professional fishermen always prefer normal fishing kayaks for their catch.

The main comparisons between normal and inflatables are the specific features with which these come, such as weight, sitting arrangement, width, fishing equipment holding space, and other required holders.

Inflatable Kayaks Safe For Fishing _ Types
Inflatable Kayaks Safe For Fishing _ Types

Most inflatable fishing kayaks come with whistles and bells, which are unavailable in normal kayaks. These features are beneficial for a fishing sportsman.

Price is another point that may differentiate between an inflatable fishing kayak and a normal fishing kayak. A high-end inflatable fishing kayak with the effective feature may cost a higher side. However, still, it is worth it for fishing activity.

What Is the Purpose of an Inflatable Fishing Kayak with Trolling Motors

A trolling motor quickly takes anglers to their catch. Trolling motors are commonly found in fishing boats with a 12-volt marine battery for their power supply. 

We will find the smallest and lightest version of these trolling motors attached to an inflatable fishing kayak. Paddling is time consuming, but trolling motor quickly takes you to your preferred fishing location.

Usually, both normal and inflatable fishing kayak comes with a paddle. Paddling is a good exercise, but it is troublesome while fishing. It takes time to reach the location where a good catch is available. Here, trolling motor comes to the rescue. 

You can attach your inflatable fishing kayak with trolling motors. This is the best way to go hands-free while kayak fishing. You can completely focus on fishing activity.

 An inflatable fishing kayak with a motor is not always built. This means you have to research and choose the right size trolling motor. Then get it installed for a practical ride for fishing.

Is it really worth getting a trolling motor for your inflatable fishing kayak:

It is worth installing trolling motor to your inflatable only if you are a keen kayak angler. However, a trolling motor is necessary if your purpose is only fishing rather than exercising or kayaking for joy. 

An inflatable fishing kayak saves a lot of energy and time while going and returning from the fishing spot. Then, with a tolling motor, you cover every corner of a large lake for a good catch in no time.

Paddling is a good exercise but can be exhausting for a long kayak fishing trip. Trolling the motor can save you from losing energy on such trips. You can have both in your kayak and use them alternately as per your will.

You can make a hassle-free journey upstream against the active water current with trolling motor installed in your inflatable kayak. 

A lot of gears in your kayak can make it heavier and slower on the water while fishing. It consumes a lot of time. An inflatable kayak with trolling motor is greatly beneficial with gears.

Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe for Fishing?

Inflatable Kayaks Safe For Fishing
Inflatable Kayaks Safe For Fishing

Some may baffle around with the thought of whether inflatable kayaks safe for fishing. Of course, taking out an inflatable kayak on the water is safe. Instead of being confused, purchase an inflatable kayak for a fantastic fishing experience.

An inflatable fishing kayak is extremely durable. It is built with advanced material that helps withstand rough kayaking and fishing conditions.

Without any sort of worries, you can take it on the water of the sea, river, lake, or pond. Once you experience kayaking on the water, you will be amazed by its stability and rigidity, which makes it a safer ride.

If you willfully be careless, you will invite accidents while kayak fishing. But if you take the right precautions and be careful, then an inflatable kayak safe for fishing.

Inflatable kayaks safe for fishing: Which activities?

All sorts of water activities you believe you can do are safe for an inflatable kayak. Paddling the lakes or ponds, kayaking down the streams or rivers, kayak fishing is safe with an inflatable kayak.

Also, remember that you should choose a specific inflatable kayak for the meant purpose. For example, white-water kayaking, fishing, or even kayaking or fishing on seawater need inflatable kayak models specifically made for the concerned activities. For example, you can kayak at the Potamic river.

Inflatable Kayaks Safe for Fishing: How Long?

To make your inflatable kayak long lasting, adequate maintenance is needed. Besides, ensure it is of superior quality when buying an inflatable fishing kayak. A cheap quality kayak may deteriorate in a few years despite maintenance.

Specific aspects must be looked upon to keep the inflatable kayak running a long life. Factors like proper maintenance, cost range, the material used in the making, utility purpose, etc., are to be checked.

You have to keep the inflatables dried after it is out of water. It should be deeply cleaned and deflated. Keep away from sun rays, under shade. Such maintenance will make sure of its long warranty. 

Again if your budget only allows purchasing a second-hand inflatable, make sure to learn how old the kayak is and how it has been maintained previously. Take a good check for defects before buying.

Talking about cheap material with which some inflatables are made like plastic can easily deteriorate when it comes in touch with saltwater. So do check before buying.

An expensive kayak does not mean decent quality. Similarly, a low cost kayak is not always inferior. However, price cannot indicate the right quality kayak always. It is better to consult or take along an expert kayaker to identify the right kayak for you.

Inflatable made of Hypalon can withstand abrasion and chemicals. This durability is apt for white water kayaking but not recommendable for still lakes. 

Are Inflatable Kayaks Worth the Money?

With time the growing demand for inflatable kayaks is taking charge of the hard-shell kayak. It is because the inflatables today are made with advanced materials almost to the level of a hard-shell kayak.

These features have succeeded in attracting several individuals. But some, many professional anglers and kayakers still prefer sticking to the traditional kayak.

But whether the fishing inflatable is worth buying depends entirely upon your intention of utility. The best inflatable kayak comes with numerous features favorable for kayaking and fishing. 

Its storability feature gives a good reason to people living in a compact house to purchase it. But, on the other hand, the hard-shell kayak is large and heavy and needs a proper big space to store it. 

Many people could not buy them due to lack of space. So either they borrowed or rented the kayak or even may give up the idea of kayak fishing or water cruising. But with inflatables, they can fulfill their desire now.

An inflatable fishing kayak made with high-end and durable material is definitely worth buying for the long run. But, if not, one should stick to a traditional kayak, as buying a cheap quality inflatable is a loss.

New models of inflatable kayaks come with a fishing accessory setup, which makes fishing activity hassle-free for kayak anglers. This is a good reason to purchase an inflatable fishing kayak because traditional ones do not provide these features.

Many professional kayakers still believe a hard-shell kayak is best for whiter water and the ocean. However, it may be a little hard to convince them about the durability of inflatables. 

An inflatable kayak is durable, rigid, and portable. These features make kayaks inflatable and worth buying the product. Traveling with the bulky traditional kayak is exhausting, setting it for fishing.

But an inflatable kayak is time-saving and energy-saving. Due to its lightweight, it can easily be transported from one spot to another. It easily folds and fits into travel bags.

The price of an inflatable kayak may differ from model to model. Cheap models are not worth buying. The costly ones come with top-notch features but are almost the same price as the traditional ones.

For beginners in kayak fishing and kayaking and the budget people, an inflatable fishing kayak is definitely worth the money.

The above mentioned features may give you a solid reason to purchase an inflatable kayak. But again, there can be a few pulling back points that some people may consider.

So whether purchasing an inflatable fishing kayak is worth the money depends on your purpose and goal. Hopefully, the above features will help you make the right decision for your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the best way to use a kayak?

Remember that inflatable kayaks safe for fishing. An inflatable kayak can be ridden in two ways – by paddle or trolling motor. Paddling is a good workout but exhausting and time consuming. Trolling motor takes you to the location quickly without being tired.

Can you fish from an inflatable kayak?

Inflatable kayaks safe for fishing so, of course, you can fish from it. Surprisingly they are quite durable, rigid, and can withstand the angler’s weight.

How easy is it to tip over an inflatable kayak?

Inflatable kayaks safe for fishing they aren’t easy to tip over. In the past, they were more prone to tip over but the ones built today are made to be more buoyant and stay right side up much more easily.

How long does an inflatable kayak last?

You know that inflatable kayaks safe for fishing since different inflatable kayaks are built differently. So it isn’t easy to say how long an inflatable kayak will last. Low grade inflatable kayaks use something cheap like PVC, while the best inflatable kayaks use something like Hypalon. Therefore the cheaper ones will last a few years if taken care of, but the best ones could last as long as a decade.


In recent times inflatable kayaks have been the most ongoing buzz for outdoor water activity. People’s inclinations toward purchasing inflatables have risen immensely. This clearly states the answer that-‘are inflatable kayaks safe for fishing’. Furthermore, inflatables are time and energy-saving, so sports lovers are more preferring the inflatable kayak for outdoor water activities.

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