Are Ugly Stiks Good Rods?

”Are Ugly Stiks good rods?” – it’s the first question of every angler regarding their next purchase. 

We are very sure about its performance; hence we want to let you know whether you should buy it. The best part of the Ugly Stik rod is that you do not need to invest $500 or $1000 to have it as yours. Though it’s an inexpensive rod, it provides the best performance and most expensive rods. 

Let’s get down with us to know its history and other conditions, including why most anglers or pro fisherman loves Ugly rod. 

What is an Ugly Stik rod with history? Are Ugly Stiks Good Rods

Before knowing if Ugly Stiks are good or not, one must understand what it is. Or its history. We want to tell you what an Ugly Stik rod is before concluding whether it’s good or not. 

Since 1976, ugly rods have been available in the market. It manufactures by William Shakespeare Jr. Ugly Stik, a lightweight rod with durability and a flexible tip. A lot of youths or aged people are fond of fishing. Some people are there who can’t afford expensive ones. Ugly Stik rods are the best choice of them. 

The manufacturer, William Shakespeare Jr., gave the name in 1975 when it was launched for the first time. He didn’t spend much time or money on it, instead focusing on its strength. He made it unbreakable even after so much abuse and careless behavior towards it. 

Nowadays, a wide range of rods is manufactured by him as people love and use them unconditionally. 

Most fishermen go for Ugly Stik rods as they can be held comfortably. Anglers can have a variety of gripping styles or materials. 

Several pro fishers use the Ugly Stik for its lightweight. A light rod is easy to control anyone. The reason for its success is its lowest weight and graphite fiberglass blank. Yet it is unbreakable, but the hook is quite sensitive; one must use it carefully. 

The manufacturer made it versatile by offering ugly rods in multiple action levels, small to most considerable lengths, and various weights. If any woman falls for fishing, they can use this type of rod as it is specially made with lightweight and for small hands. 

Not only inexpensive spinning but also heavy-duty rods are manufactured by William Shakespeare Jr. 

It works exactly like any high-ended rod. Many specialties are available, but one must visit a well-known fishing store to get them all. 

It has a blank reel seat that will provide you with the ability to change the reel faster and in an easier way. It will surely not rust even after using for a long time when it becomes moisture for its stainless steel line. 

Is Ugly Stiks good rods?

Anyone, including ordinary fishermen or pro fisherman, everyone not only likes but loves these rods. It’s proved to be the best fishing rod according to all the features and customer reviews, including us. 

We will share the features and pros with you so that you can examine its worthiness. So let’s have a look at its features and advantages. 

Features of Ugly Stik rod: 

  1. It provides the highest durability compared to the other cheap rods. 
  2. Wide variety of models and designs.
  3. Choosy length (any size length is available). 
  4. Fast action.
  5. Moderate action. 
  6. Constructed with lightweight to ultralightweight. 
  7. Model name is USESP602M.
  8. Comes with a flexible tip. 
  9. Extremely strong. 
  10. Available one-piece line guide. 
  11. Blend material.
  12. The fishing technique is spinning.
  13. It has cork handles that provide comfort while lengthy fishing outings.

Pros of Ugly Stik rod:

  1. As the rod is durable at a low price, one can comfortably have more than 1 or 2 rods. 
  2. Depending on your choice, you can choose either a composite or a cork grip.
  3. No other fishing rod is better than an Ugly Stik rod for women or children and men with small hands. 
  4. Both are available depending on whether you get a casting or a spinning rod. 


Ugly Stik rods are suitable for fishing and are the best fishing rod lightweight. Though it’s been a long since it was launched, it remains the best choice among the fishermen.

It doesn’t get fame for its brand but for its versatility and durability. No matter your fishing technique, it will provide the best performance. 

Frequently Asked Quesitons(FAQs)

Why are they called ‘Ugly?’

The first rod manufactured by William Shakespeare Jr. was big in size and clunky. It didn’t have either a comfortable grip or loose wrap. 

The tape of the rod was black and white, and they were so unattractive. Thus the name of the rod became UGLY, and it didn’t change over time, but the quality improved. 

Do Ugly Stik rods break easily? 

Honestly, every road is breakable, but the Ugly Stik rod doesn’t get broken under normal conditions. Even after a lot of abuse or carelessness can’t break the rod easily.