How To Make A Fishing Rod Holder? Best DIY Rod Rack 2023

How To Make A Fishing Rod Holder _ Feature Image

Anyone that loves fishing will have multiple fishing rods. This isn’t a statement but a fact. So you need a rod holder, but how to make a fishing rod holder in the first place? In this article, you learn how to make a fishing rod holder in 2 ways. But first, you will learn the …

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Best Fish Finder Under 500

Best Fish Finder Under 500 _ Feature Image

If there are vital things you should know about any fish finder, it is that they offer engaging and practical information during the fishing season.  Interestingly, they do this by letting fishermen know more about the water temperature, underwater relief, and even the presence of fish. With the fish finder, one will surely get better …

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Put A Weight On A Fishing Line: Learn Best Know How [2022]

How to put a weight on a fishing line

If you’re an avid fisherman, you know that one of the most important aspects of fishing is putting the right weight on your line. Too much weight and your bait will sink, too little weight and your bait will float. Putting the weight is actually quite simple. You will need to be patient and have …

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How To Rig A Spinner Bait: Best Methods of 2022

How To Rig A Spinner Bait _ Feature Image

Want to lure fish to your bait? Spinners can be a good option. But do you know how to rig a spinner bait? Well, no worries, we are here to help. You can catch a wide range of fish once you master this style and even go for big fishes like crappie & walleye. However, …

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What Do Bass Eat During Late Summer: Best Choices [2022]

What Do Bass Eat During Late Summer _ Feature Image

As the temperatures start to cool off and the leaves begin to change color in the late summer, bass begins to change their patterns and feeding habits. They become more active, and their diet shifts to include more forage fish. Crustaceans, baitfish, and smaller gamefish are all on the menu in late summer. Fishing for …

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Winter Is Coming So Can You Fish In Winter 2022 Best Guide

Can You Fish In Winter _ Feature Image

Fall all around, warm and cozy blankets, and hot steamy beverages indicate winter is knocking at the door. Ops! This means fishing time is over for anglers. But is it so can you fish in winter? The answer is yes, of course, it is possible to fish in the chill. Fishing is a great outdoor …

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Different Types Of Fishing Rods Which Are The Best [2022]

Different types of fishing rods _ Feature Image

Fishing is a popular leisure activity for countless people around the world. The fishing rods we find on the market are designed for a specific type of fishing. You can use some of the rods only for a certain type of fish, while others are made for various fish. Different materials are used to make …

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Best Beginners Setup To Tie A Drop Shot Rig For Perch [2022]

How To Tie A Drop Shot Rig For Perch _ Feature Image

Before we delve into the central issue of how to tie a drop shot rig for perch, you should have an idea of what drop shotting is all about.  Drop shotting is considered a primary bass fishing method for beginners, though saltwater fishermen invented it.  This fishing technique was practically brought into the world of …

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