Do You Need A Bobber To Fish? Get The Most Accurate Info.

Many anglers firmly believe the bobber is a critical fishing tool, though the rest claims it’s ancient and useless. They believe the bobber is replaceable with other necessary tools, Inline Reels, Bait Caster, Jigging, and Luring. Does the question bother you (do you need a bobber to fish)? 

Go through the entire post to learn many unknown facts about a bobber. Once after completing the post, you will have the capability to decide the right and best decision for you. Its pros and cons will tell you what to do. Interested people also look for ways to use a bobber for fishing

What is a bobber? 

Are you a fisherman and love to fish? No matter where or how you must have heard about bobber. Basically, a bobber is a weight colored brightly and small enough. It gets attached to the hook line.

Various types of bobbers are available such as wooden bobbers, plastic or foam bobber, cork bobber, etc. It paints bright colors so the angler can see it clearly in the deep water. It helps angers know whether the bait is finished or not. 

Some know float fishing as a bobber. It is a technique that keeps the lure under the water’s surface. Anglers use bobbers while fishing in shallow water. 

Why do you need a bobber to fish? 

To make our job more accessible, we could let you know if you need a bobber. Instead of doing such, we want anglers to know the real reason for using bobbers for fishing and their advantages and disadvantages. 

A bobber indeed has both its advantages and disadvantages. In some cases, anglers used to think fishing can’t be done perfectly without a bobber, while others claim not to use it. We will only come to a conclusion once knowing the reason behind it. 

What are the advantages of using a bobber for fishing? 

We will clarify every benefit of bobber through the given list. 

  1. Do you target trout or bluegills? In that case, you must use a bobber because it helps the angler to indicate the earlier delicate bites. Some fish used to nibble on the bait several times; thus, anglers can only understand how the fish finished the bait with an indication. 
  2. Sometimes we sit fishing for the whole day and still can’t trap any fish. In this situation, we are not good enough for fishing. If this happens to you ever, you must use a bobber. Using a bobber is the only way to understand whether the fish are interested in your bait. 
  3. One of the biggest problems with anglers is that they need to understand if the bait is there or finished. Once, I went fishing and sat for 30 minutes uselessly, then when I checked the hook, there was no bait, and I didn’t even realize that. Using a bobber to fish will save you time. 

What are the disadvantages of using a bobber for fishing?

Bobbler carries a lot of advantages, but still, at a point, it has some disadvantages, they are including.

  1. Scaring fish is an essential disadvantage of bobbers. It scares fish. So chances of catching fish get lower. Bobbler gets up and down in the water, creating many sounds in time. 
  2. Always tend your bobber. When you add a bobber to the fishing line, it gets weaker to hold vast creatures. It might seem to you the most significant disadvantage of the bobber, so be careful enough.
  3. Bobblers can get affected by wind. A sudden wind can cause the bait to drift how it should not. 
  4. The last and another vital disadvantage of bobber is that fisher can’t get any idea how deep the bait is. The longer the bobber is underwater, the more bait will be on that much more profound.

How do you fish with a bobber?

Some anglers assume that the bobber is a replaceable and outdated fishing tool. They are wrong. It may be one of the oldest fishing tools, but it provides the best result. Bobbler can amaze you with a lot of fish. The use and process of bobber in fish are underneath. 

  1. Choose a particular place where you are interested in catching fish. 
  2. Once you decide on the place, take the bobber in your hand. Fly the line into the blank sky and know the line at its end. 
  3. You can start from the hook to place it in an ideal spot. 
  4. It will work as a sinker. Thus bobber keeps the hook under the water straightly. 
  5. The bobber will be back to you. Once it is back, you can observe if you can see a fish biting the bait or not. 

Do you need a bobber to fish? Can I fish without it?

Yes, you can fish without a bobber. We can accept any technique to fish. We admit that bobber is one of those. However, it’s possible to fish with a bobber. Do you want to know some tricks for fishing without a bobber? Then follow the mentioned tricks. 

Inline Reels:

Inline reels are another option to avoid bobbers. Use 7feet – 11 feet inner reel to fish in shallow water. It will amaze you and make you able to fish more. 

Bait Caster:

Are you thinking of catching small fish in shallow water? Then use bait casting rather than a bobber. 


The jig is another way to attract fish more. It can be attached to the reel and line. 


You can use a spinner to the weight’s end rather than adding a bobber. Adding a lure will help the bait to sink faster and more profoundly. It’s a technical trick to catch big fishes that used to be in the deep water. It’s another method that you can adopt to ignore bobber. 


Do you need a bobber to fish? Yes, you do. A bobber is a must when anglers wish to catch fish like Catfish, trout, Perch, Pike, Bluegill, Carp, Bass, and Walleye. 

The way, advantages, and disadvantages, everything is now given to you. Now decide for yourself if it fulfills your requirements or not. “Do you need a bobber to fish” – we hope you understood it clearly. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does bobber scare off the fish?

Expert claims it only scares the fish off once you tie the know close to the bobber. Keep the bait at least 25 inches away from the bobber to as not to scare off the fish. 

How deep can anglers fish with a bobber?

Bobbler helps catch fish like trout, Porcupineinefish, and deep swallow water fish. With a bobber, anglers can fish in lakes between 5-20 feet.