How To Attach Wire Leader To Fishing Line

For those who go fishing and become professionals at it, you must have an idea of the importance of wire leaders. 

And for those not professionals, you must understand that the wire leader is important and used majorly because of its strength. 

In other news, a fish has sharp teeth that can cut through monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders. So, wire leaders are better in such a situation. Plus, it would help if you learned how to attach wire leader to fishing line to use it. 

Attaching wire leader to fishing line

In learning how to attach wire leader to fishing line, there are certain things you need to know. 

First, you must clean it, or the leader will become ineffective. Without cleaning it, the line may as well kink. You can use a toothbrush or a wire brush to remove the scales. 

Note that many techniques are used in attaching the wire leader, such as swivels and knots. But the most basic of them all is the knot. 

People prefer to tie knots at the end of the line because they are swift, easy, and will not need any special equipment. 

Without much ado, you can learn how to attach wire leader to fishing line using the blood knot technique and the overhand knot. It goes thus: 

For the Blood knot

Step One 

The first step is to tie a loop at the leader’s end and use your fingers to pull on it to make it more visible. Understand that the loop does not necessarily need to be large but visible. 

Step Two

While your right hand is on the line and the left hand is on the leader, tie a Blood Knot in the middle of the leader. Positioning your left hand at the leader’s right side would be best, then tightening your knot. 

This should be done so that the loop underneath the left side of the leader will be tight. 

Step Three

Holding the leader in your left hand and the Blood Knot in your right would be best. Again, remember that knots can slip off easily and should not be used on moving lines. 

They tend to get lost, so most people use a half hitch knot at the standing part of the line and an overhand knot at the end of the line. 

For the overhand knot

Step One 

You are to tie the overhand knot as you learn how to attach wire leader to fishing line. But do not tighten it. So, begin by making a loop and pushing the working end of your leader line via the loop. Use your thumb for this. 

Then, leave the loop wide enough so your main line can easily come through the knot. 

So that you keep the mainline intact as you try casting, it is best to use a leader line that is at least fifty pounds or 23kg. 

Step Two 

You must bring out roughly 7.9 inches or 20cm of the fishing line through your overhand knot. 

Note that this will connect the fishing and leader line, thus creating a loop. With the loop close to the overhand knot, hold it with your thumb and forefinger. 

More so, the loose end of the fishing line should be wrapped roughly six times around your leader before you put it through the loop. 

Step Three

It would help if you pulled on your fishing line behind the knot to secure the connection. You must do this subtly to remove slacks before the coils are brought into position. 

Moreover, you will have to once more pull on the loose end of the fishing line to make sure you have tight coils before tightening the knot on the leader to make it tight. 

Finally, your finished knot must look neat, while the fishing line coils should be close enough.


Do you know how to attach wire leader to fishing line? If you still need to, this article has been made for you. You can read through it whenever you are ready to try it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is there a specific type of wire leader I can use? 

While it is commonly known that wire leaders are made of multiple strands of single-strand titanium or stainless steel, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits you. 

Can my wire leader break? 

They can break, especially when not made with high-quality materials.