How To Put A Fishing Line On A Baitcasting Reel?

Knowing how to put a fishing line on a baitcasting reel is tricky. Anglers need to know the proper way of doing so so they would not get in trouble. The procedure is challenging, so it requires practice. 

A baitcasting reel is worthy when it comes to bass fishing. Knowing the steps to put the line on the reel is as important as knowing its value. Please do not depend on others; let’s go through the ways. 

How to put a fishing line on a baitcasting reel?

Make sure you have patience while connecting the line. It would be best if you practiced one or two times. 

  1. Look at the spinning reel and look at the bail hanging from it. 
  2. As you have a baitcasting rod, ensure it is paired with a rod. If you have a medium rod, it will be within 6ft and 6 inches or 6 ft and 10 inches. 
  3. Those who try it as beginners should take heavy lines. In that case, use a monofilament fishing line of 15 or 17 ounces. It is best to cast smoothly without any trouble.
  4. Before casting the teel, you should hold the rod facing the ground so it falls slowly. 
  5. Hold the rod back to your shoulder to activate the casting process. 
  6. Use the thumbnail to maintain the pressure. The thumb will help you to press the thumb bar. 
  7. All you need in this situation is total concentration on the target. 
  8. It’s time to load the line, and let’s know how to load it. 

Fixed spool reels have a wrapping line all over them. When you are about to trot, you must spill off the rotation slowly and carefully. 

  1. Use a knot to draw another line. Some masking tape should cover the knot. Load the line in the direction of a new line. 
  2. Most people use bait caster for lure fishing because of its non-stretching and firm strike.
  3. Use a rod to attach the reel and pass it downwards. You should pass the line through the open part of the reel. 
  4. Do not tie directly, in case it might slip off because of the bait caster reel over smoothness. To get security, we suggest using the monofilament line’s back or in the hole available on the spool.

Fishermen who use the back of the monofilament line should attach the braid to the mono with any knot. You can use an Albright knot or something similar. 

  1. Ask a friend to hold the rod and spin the line to the wind. You are not required to twist the braided line; keep the line under your fingers. According to the producer’s recommendation, one must fill the reel under 2mm off the top of the rod. 


In the market, various reels are available, and baitcasting reel is one of them. Each reel requires a different method to line up; the bait caster must load the line properly—nothing to worry about if the fishing line gets twisted while loading. You can jump off the line to go to the knots in this situation. To avoid twist issues, avoid nylon lines or fluorocarbon lines. 

Thanks for the attention; now, enjoy a good time fishing. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which line will be best for a bait caster?

To have the best baitcasting reel, one must use a braid line; it’s best with no memory. Once you touch the line, you feel its smoothness; it doesn’t even hold any specific shape. You can give the teel any shape you want. 

Is the braid line visible to the fish? 

If you wish to get an invisible line, get a fluorocarbon line instead of a braid line. Fluorocarbon lines are invisible underwater. However, braided lines are the most potent line of all.