Beginner’s Guide On How To Rig A Wacky Worm In Fishing [2022]

Who doesn’t love fishing but to get the perfect catch you should know how to rig a wacky worm. Fishing is one of the best hobbies practiced since ancient times. It’s a way to get in nature and connect with the outside world.

Fishing is a fun activity and is great. Now, we need some basic equipment for fishing in kayaks or anywhere. The backbone of any fishing setup is the fishing rod and the hook. These are the most common tools by which we fish. And in this article, we are going to discuss a unique style of fishing.

What is the purpose of a hook in fishing

The most important aspect while fishing is hooking the fish. Now this fishhook also called an angle is fitted into the fish’s mouth, tactfully angling it so that it gets stuck to its mouth. Another way is by sticking or ripping the outer fish’s body.

This hook, which could be a circle or a wide gap hook, is attached to a line. It helps in recouping the fish we target to catch. Now comes the most interesting point. These hooks are dressed in some form of bait. 

These baits set with the hook allure the fishes to swallow the hook out of their instinct as they come to hunt for food. Thus, these baits are highly crucial for a fisherman to get a good catch. These baits must be attractive enough.

Interestingly, these fishhooks are designed in such a manner that they can hold any type of bait. Be it artificial, processed, dead or alive. And the best bait commonly used by fishermen today is the artificial interpretation of invertebrate prey such as worms.

Most used baits in fishing are worms 

While hunting for a fish, we lure them with the bait set in the fishing knot attached to the hook. As discussed, the most common bait used is worms. All fishes, irrespective of their size, eat worms, whether freshwater or saltwater, big or small.

Worms are the best baits as they have erratic motions. Also, they release a particular type of fish attracting scent that is very appealing to hungry fishes.

But instead of these live good old worms, what is largely used today are the wacky worms.

What are wacky worms?

Wacky worms are the most popularly used fishing bait around the world. They are made of plastic and are asymmetrical in shape. Soft in texture and has a paddle tail as well. In short, they are artificial worms cheaper than living worms and give a great result.

The body of the wacky worm has slits that enable it to hover as it falls in the water. They wobble in the water and are very flexible too. Now, this gives a perception of it being a live worm to the fish which then comes to feed and thus gets caught in the process.

How to rig a wacky worm _ What is it
How to rig a wacky worm _ What is it

Additionally, you can add a scent to these wacky worms as fishes get attracted to the smell. This smell enhances the possibility of any fish to come hunting for its fodder and then makes them likely to bite. Now comes the question, how to rig wacky worms?

How to rig a wacky worm in fishing

The rig is basically assorting items that are used in fishing. Now, rigging a smooth plastic stick bait in a wacky style is called rigging a wacky worm. You take the hook and stick it in the center of the bait.

Make sure to keep track of where the bait is being hooked. This is because if the fish shakes the bait and falls off the hook, you can easily replicate the same action.

This entire process of luring the fish through bait by rigging wacky worms attracts a lot of fish, including bass. Different fishermen have different styles of how to rig a wacky worm. But they all face a common problem while rigging a wacky worm.

The biggest problem with rigging wacky worms is that they tear easily. As a result, one can easily run out of wacky worms in no time. And they must keep repeating the process until they get a great catch.

What is a wacky rig?

The wacky rig has become very popular recently and is considered a simple yet effective way of fishing. Its natural presentation of soft plastics and its ability to get into a fish’s strike zone without alarming them is phenomenal. 

This technique of hooking a plastic worm through the middle so that both ends sway free is remarkable. The wacky worm sinks through the water creating a fluttering action as the ends sway in the water. Make sure the length of the worms varies from four to six inches.

Another way of rigging this plastic or rubber worm is by hooking on the center body of the worm. This enables it to sink evenly on both sides. Having said that, there are times when the fishermen prefer the hook to remain off-centered.

Although this is indeed a funny looking rig, it has been approved as the most efficient worm rig that can be used. The other wacky rigs, known as the Carolina rig, Neko rig, and Texas rigs, are also used in fishing. It can be confirmed by looking into a fishing report.

How to set up a wacky worm rig

Setting up a wacky worm or rigging a wacky worm is very simple. You can do it with just a few pieces of gear like a fishing line, a hook, a worm, etc. 

Just assemble these pieces and you are ready to set up a wacky worm rig.

Create a basic rig using the fishing line, the hook, and the wacky worm. 

Also, you can set it up by supplementing it with egg dunker weight as well. Some fishermen stick to the standard worm hooking setup style to catch fish.

All you need while setting up this rig is to attach the hook to the end of the fishing line. After that, puncture through the middle of the plastic worms; that is exactly how the wacky-rigged worms are set. Setting up the wacky worm rig is easy, but ensure it is done accurately.

How to rig a wacky worm with a weight

You can rig a wacky worm with the help of weight as well! But what you need to know here is what decides the size of nail weight you would want to use. Well, the depth of water and the speed of the fall determines the size.

The size of the weight, depending on the fall calculation, is as follows. A super slow fall; use 1/32 ounce. To get deep, use 3/16 or ¼ ounce. The heavier line eventually supports the bait to get down there faster.

Coming to the technique of using it. You will find a loop and a tungsten weight. Insert the loop into the wacky worm and pull it through the hook. Now, take the loop on the weight you would choose to use and push it right up into the worm. 

These wacky worms would float unless you use nail weights and split shots to get them down. You can pass the hook through the loop on top of the weight. As the hook gets attached to the weight finally, the worm can never rip off of it.

Coming to the availability of these weights. Where can we find them? You can easily find these weights in the stores. And that’s how to rig a wacky worm with a weight!

How to rig a wacky worm weedless

Another way of rigging a wacky worm is wacky worm weedless. If you are fishing in an area filled with bushes & trees, yet you want a wacky rig in there, create a weedless wacky worm instead. All you need is a weedless hook and then you can rig up your worm in a wacky worm style.

Finally, you need to push the hook’s point into the worm to prevent it from getting ripped off. While any fish, e.g., the bass will remain hooked on when it comes down to bite the worm. 

How to rig a wacky worm drop shot

After learning about different styles, let’s be all ears to wacky rigging a drop shot. This is particularly required while bass angling. This is an incredible style of rigging a wacky worm used majorly across the globe! 

To begin with, give the worm a perfect wobble so that it goes straight down the bottom easily. This drop shot rig is the finest light line technique with low visibility. This is exactly what an angler would prefer while angling.

Make sure to use the lightest weight possible so that you can feel the drop shot. As a thumb rule, remember certain analytics. If you’re fishing less than 15 feet deep, start with an ¼ ounce weight. If fishing in deeper water zones like 25 or 30 feet deep, try to use a 3/8-ounce.

Another technique of rigging a wacky worm drop shot is to take it on the hook’s shank. Slide the bait right down pointing it into the same coming down into the worm finally. And that’s how to rig a wacky worm drop shot.

How to rig a wacky worm for bass

The wacky worm rig has become the most popular technique for fishing all kinds/sizes of fish. Currently, the most looked after for bass fishing. Be it a novice or a professional bass angler, using a wacky rigged stick is the simplest process used. 

Proper rigging, an apt technique, and bait color choice are keys to success with this form of the rig. Not to forget here, Senko is a great bait for bass fishing. A huge quantity of bass is caught with the help of wacky worm rigs.

Apart from these traditional methods to wacky rig a worm, you will often find fishermen now using O-rings to wacky rig as well. New methods have been adopted eventually with the success of rigging the wacky worm in authentic style.

How to rig a wacky worm with a ring?

A new innovative method to rig wacky worms is with the help of rings. These rings are shaped like O and hence called O-rings. These rings help to catch more fish than usual. Let’s discuss how to rig a wacky worm with a ring.

An O-ring is a small rubber ring that does not pierce through the worm but slips over it, attaching the hook to the ring easily. Although, there are anglers who prefer to pierce the worm so that the ring acts as the reinforcement.

Take a half-hollow pen and slide the O-ring over the skinny part of the pen leading it onto the tube. Gently put the wacky worm into the hollow part of this tube. Now take the O-ring, slowly slide it onto the worm, and pull it out of the tube.

Once done, all you need to do is now take the hook and slide it underneath this O-ring. In the process, you can pinch a little bit of the plastic wacky worm to give it a real feel. This will tend to work real when you hook it.

Therefore, all you need for a wacky rig with a wacky ring are a few O rings, soft baits, or straight worms. Just remember to keep the O-ring as tight as possible for its better functioning. It is great for shallow water fishing as well as ice fishing.

Using an O-ring for a wacky worm rig has been the cheapest and easiest mode of rigging. Anybody fishing for the first time can use this trick to catch fish. All you need is a pen and an O-ring. Make sure you make it tight so the ring doesn’t fall off while using it for the bait.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to rig a wacky worm?

The wacky rig is a unique finesse fishing style that involves hooking a soft plastic worm called the wacky worm right through the middle. The presentation comes across as bobbing and wiggling worms on the way down through the water that the bass can’t resist.

How do you rig a wacky hook?

The wacky hook is attached to the front end of the fishing poles or the spinning rod and attached to the wacky worm. This wacky rig hook is specifically used to use plastic worms as bait as they are easy to use and get a good catch.

Do you use a float with a wacky rig?

A wacky rig is not as effective when the bass is normally in or holding tight to cover. The bass that moves around a lot and is impatient isis likelier to fall prey to this subtle and hypnotic floating worm. The floating worm can also be fished faster than a wacky worm.

What is the difference between a Neko rig and a wacky rig?

The Neko rig is currently descending at an acute angle while picking up speed concurrently. The wacky rig is currently moving downward at a mostly horizontal attitude while it is in the process of drifting.

Final thoughts

I am sure from what we discussed above; it’s clear to all how to rig a wacky worm while fishing. The wacky worm rig is the smartest way to catch fish in recent times. It falls cheap for the pockets as well. Be a novice or a pro; anyone can adapt these rigs to catch fish.

Therefore, next time you go fishing, keep in mind the different ways of rigging. A bit of a smart move can help you to catch fish in large quantities. Apply the different ways of rigging wacky worms and go fishing !!!

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