How To Store Fishing Hooks With Leaders?

We usually go fishing with our fishing hooks and leaders because we hope to catch a big one. 

However, in the fishing process, nobody wants to get to the river and start detailing hooks and leaders from one another. 

For this reason, people have often asked to learn how to store fishing hooks with leaders. This article will outline how to complete this in the best ways possible. 

Storing Fishing Hooks With Leaders

People use different methods to store fishing hooks with leaders, and we will be looking at some of these methods as shared by real people. 

It goes thus: 

Technique One: Using a CD case

A fisherman once complained that storing fishing hooks with leaders in an organized fashion to be tangle free was a challenging job. And because of that, he began seeking ways to keep each leader and hook tangle free. 

In seeking how to store fishing hooks with leaders, he came across the compartmentalized CD case and decided to try it out. He noted that using the large CD case left every hook and leader tangle-free and organized. 

And the way he got this done is by tucking a coiled leader and hook into each of the case pockets for easy and swift access. 

You will not have to worry about your hook getting rusted as the case keeps it sharp and rust-free. However, it must be noted that some of these huge cases can hold many hooks and leaders. 

And it is best to use rubberized or plastic cases since they last longer. And even though they will be subjected to salt almost daily, you will have nothing to worry about. 

Technique Two: DIY solution

In learning how to store fishing hooks with leaders, you can rush to your hardware store for pipe insulation. You will find them in the plumbing Isle at very affordable prices. 

Note that this technique is a DIY solution that will help you. A fisherman has used it, which is why we are sharing it. You might need to know how to tie two fishing lines when storing fishing hooks with leaders.

All you need to do is to get the pipe insulation alongside a deep Plano tackle storage kit. Then, cut the pipe insulation in a way that fits into the Plano kit lengthwise. When this is done, wrap your leaders all around the foam snugly.

And when you get to its last line, you only need to hook your fishing hook into the foam in a way that makes the wrap stay tight. Some people secure theirs more tightly by adding elastic bands that will run all over the top of the leader line. 

Technique Three: Using a leader roll

Like technique two, you can learn how to use the leader roll to store fishing hooks with leaders. The leader roll is popularly used as a storage for leader rigs and is described as starting with a foam tube. 

It would be best if you wrapped the leaders around it. You can use a pool noodle to complete this by following the steps in technique two. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do I need to store the fishing hooks and leaders carefully? 

Yes, you do. No one wants to spend a greater part of their time detailing hooks and leaders instead of fishing. 

Are storage kits for fishing hooks and leaders expensive? 

No, they are not. However, as you begin your fishing journey, you can easily get them on a budget. 


If you are searching for how to store fishing hooks with leaders, look no further; all you need to do is read this article to know what to do.

We have outlined three useful techniques that should be able to get the job done for you. So have fun fishing and not worry about storing your fishing hooks with leaders.

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