Quick Tips & Tactics On How To Tie Drop Shot Effectively [2022]

Are you into fishing? Well, then you might have a great desire to know how to tie drop shot knot. Most people associated with fishing have this query as this is often thought to be a tricky process.

Although we cannot deny it fully, we can assure you that you will master it once you have finished reading this article. So, keep reading.

Dropshot is a trendy technique to catch fish and has a great demand. Once your master it, you can be a pro at fishing. Let us learn more about this finesse technique.

Know how to tie drop shot in minutes

Do you go fishing in freshwater lakes or salty seas? Well, a drop shot rig can be a great way for both if you know how to rig up a spinner bait.

Although this is one of the finest techniques used for bass, with live baits in use, this is quite effective in freshwater lakes. The main game is about the weight that you choose to use. This is where it proves beneficial over worm fishing with higher yields and more bass.

You can go quite deep in the water body with the weight and attract some good fish to your catch. A great idea for deep water bodies and anglers absolutely loved them.

Let us know more about them.

How to tie drop shot knot using the right items?

While you learn how to tie drop shots, let us also know the essential things you will need for this process. You can keep them handy if you already have them in your house, or you may have to invest in them.

So, there are 4 basic things you will need for this. We have listed them below – 

  • Drop Shot Hook
  • Drop Shot Weight
  • Bait – Live or Artificial
  • A line to tie the hook

How to tie drop shot rig?

Drop shot technique can be quite a thing if you know how to do it correctly with the Palomar knot. A rig of this kind has a line attached to a hook that stays upward faced and downward there is a load which is basically a weight suspended to attain depth.

The artificial bait sways in a motion which can attract any fish and this is purely due to the knot, which is further suspended by the weight. By installing a fish finder on your boat and with a drop shot your fishing expedition will be much better.

How to tie drop shot hook with a proper knot?

As we mentioned, a Palomar knot is what you will need to tie the hook. You should invest in a light-weighted hook for this. Also, make sure the hook is strong and has a perfect bend.

The hook can be either a drop shot or a split shot; anything will do and serve the purpose. But remember the size; it is 1 – 1/O.

These hooks provide a great fishing experience. You will get a lot of brands in the market or on the web that offer excellent quality fishing hooks. You can choose any one of them.

If you are into live bait, these hooks can be more effective in supporting the natural motion of the bait. However, do not forget to tie the weight as well.

Do not compromise with quality for price when you are choosing a drop shot hook.

How to tie drop shot weight tightly?

The drop shot weights should have a groove made with wire at the top so that the line can be attached with a simple knot. Also, it is beneficial to adjust the length between the bait & the weight.

A good weight will weigh around 1/16 or 1/8 ounces and you can vary the weight once you master the technique. A good to start weight would be a ball weight which is quite rounded in shape and helps in the deep water fishing.

The color also helps it to camouflage with the surroundings under the water.

How to tie drop shot rig for fishing?

Do you want to fish using a drop shot? Well, you got to know a few key things before that.

A drop shot technique uses a weighted ledger, making the bait go deep down the water. The bait attracts the fish by emulating natural movements. All you need to ensure is that the knot is tightly tied to the hook.

Some quick steps are as below –

  • Get a good quality rod. Make sure it’s light-weighted.
  • Pass the thread of the line through the eyehole of your fishing rod.
  • Time to attach the hook. Tying fluorocarbon leaders might be an additional help.
  • Attach the load to the leader if you have it. Else attach it to the hook with the line passing through the hole above the hook.
  • Attach the bait and begin your fish hunt.

For fishing using this process, you need to let the bait sink deep down the water until it touches a base. You can feel a vibration on the rod once the load touches the bottom.

Initially, you can start by trying to fish in areas with high fish density. Once the fish bites the bait, pull it up and here you are with your first catch.

How to tie drop shot rig for perch?

It can be quite a deal to fish a perch as they are very aggressive and have strong spiky fins. So, how do you catch a perch by using the drop shot technique? Let’s get started.

Choose live bats like worms to have a good advantage. It is not easy to catch big perch fish, and you often get a bite from the smaller ones. A jig head and a soft plastic bait can be another alternative to lure big perch fishes.

Are you wondering how to tie a drop shot rig for perch?

A key point to remember is that you should tie the knot of the hook in such a way so that it always faces upwards while underwater, thereby increasing your chances of getting a bite from a perch.

The distance between the hook and the weight should be around 6 – 12 inches depending on the type of lake you are going for.

A quick tip will be to produce a very gentle vibration on the rod so that underneath the water it creates a movement for the bait seemingly as if it is an injured minor fish. This can also lure big fish like perch.

How to tie drop shot rig for crappie?

Drop shot rig can be a good technique for big fishes like crappies. However, the key is the bait and we recommend using live worms in this case. Small crappie minnows can also attract the big ones.

A key technique while fishing crappie can be attaching a plastic bait and a live one. So, if one misfire, you get another one to attract the fish to make a bite. 

When it comes to big fish, people sometimes ask about how to tie a drop shot rig for bluegill? Well, it is all about the bait in this case. The best fit would be a worm like night crawler or wax worm. Alternatively, you can also try baby crayfish as bait for bluegill.

Do you want to know how to tie a drop shot rig for trout?

When it comes to trout fishing, it is quite hard to choose bait and the right technique as these are big fishes too. However, drop shotting hardly disappoints.

You can let your bait stay at a good depth and lure the trout with a worm or some soft artificial bait. A mouse’s tail can also be a good deal.

Are you curious about how to tie drop shots with braid?

A braided line is an advantage or a disadvantage, which is a highly debated topic. Braids are skinny and fish cannot see them easily.

However, experts often say that it becomes quite unrealistic to avoid overworking the bait while using a braid. That is why fluorocarbon is given a bit more preference.

How to tie drop shot rig for walleye?

Drop shot rigs are proven to be effective for fishing various freshwater fishes. For walleyes, the scenario is no different.

Ringworms & tail worms are some good ideas for baits when it comes to fishing walleyes. You can use spinshot hooks for hooking the baits.

A quick tip for fishing a walleye is that you can keep the bait at the height of 18 – 24 inches, making it a bit more aggressive and luring for catching the attraction of fish.

Do you also want to know how to tie drop shot rig for bass?

It is not much different from what you will do for a walleye. Bass mainly feed on pan fish and small minnows, so the drop shot technique can be a real deal.

You can follow the same knotting process and you will be able to easily catch some smallmouth bass while you go fishing.

Quick Tips on drop shotting

You want to make the most out of drop shotting, but then you must do everything perfectly. Here are some quick pointers to follow for this.

How To Tie Drop Shot _ Tips
How To Tie Drop Shot _ Tips

Selection of the line

You must select a good braid as choosing the line is the most critical part of the drop shotting process. The line must be strong and sensitive, having a sensible weight of around 12 – 15 pounds.

This will be ideal as most of the anglers will use fluorocarbon for shock absorption.

Selection of the hook

Hooks are another key factor and stronger hooks mean a greater advantage. You should have nothing but the best hooks from the market. The size can be something like 1 – 1/0.

Selecting the weight

Not too light and not too heavy is the concept. We recommend using weights of 3/16 to 1/5 ounces. This is the maximum range you should opt for. The choice of the build material, tungsten or lead, is entirely on you.

Soft bait

Live bait can be used, but not very big ones. Try using small minnows and worms for this purpose. It will be best if you choose the artificial ones which are made of plastic and are quite soft and light-weighted.

Correct technique

A key aspect of this technique is gently vibrating the rod so that the bait appears luring to the prey. That is why we recommend using soft bait so that it is easy to make the movement underwater.

You would never want to disturb the load that is lying at the bottom, so keep in mind to keep some slack in the line.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the best knot for a drop shot?

There will be many websites advising you on some other ways, but there can be nothing better than a Palomar knot when it comes to trying a drop shot for fishing. It holds the hook perfectly in position.

How do you tie drop shot Palomar?

To learn to tie a Palomar knot, you need to pass the end of the line onto the hole of the hook by bending it. After that you need to tie a simple knot and get the hook through the loop.

How deep do you fish a drop shot?

It is mainly known to be used for deepwater fishing. A finesse technique used for fishing in salty ocean waters is also used for freshwater nowadays. In terms of vertical fishing, it can range between 2 to 100 feet deep.

When should I fish a drop shot?

There are a lot of varying thoughts on this topic. Some say summer, while others choose early spring as the best time to use this. However, this technique is not a bad time for late winter as the bass can move quite deep inside the lake.


Drop shots can help you get your hands on a good deal of fish. You need not be a master of the art, but knowing to tie the correct knot will get you going which we have already elaborated to you. Since inflatable kayaks are quite safe ride on one to get to different places and get some good fish.

Choose good quality hooks and weights for fishing. The choice of bait will depend on the fish you wish to catch. Now that you know how to tie drop shot rigs, you can use this technique for catching various fishes. 

Just a reminder, when you go fishing, do not forget to wear your safety jacket and have enough precautions ready on the boat for any emergency situation. We wish you a happy fishing experience.

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