12 Reasons Why Fishing Is Fun & Everyone Needs To Try It In 2023

Fishing is not only an outdoor activity but a great way to spend quality time in nature and connect with the people of your community. ‘Why fishing is fun’- is a common question in many individuals’ minds.

The answers may vary from person to person. But my answer sprawls within a Chinese proverb: “with silken line and delicate hook, I wonder among the ripples and find freedom.” For me, the answer to why fishing is fun is that it gives me freedom.

Fishing gives me freedom from our daily chores and duties and the freedom to apply my imagination to the fullest. It gives me freedom from all sorts of stressful issues. It gives freedom to forget all problems and be at peace. When I fish, I become as carefree as a child.

Fishing activity is not just about catching a fish. It is rather a wise way to good health and happiness. You can fish alone or with friends and family. Although fishing is considered an understated family activity, it offers valuable lessons to the family members. 

If we look back on the ancient period, fishing was one of the ways for pre-historic people to survive. According to history, fishing dates back almost 40,000 years and remains an important part of our society. Rather it plays a vital role in the world economy today.

Why fishing is fun activity? It is not restricted to age, gender, race, or culture. Fishing gives you the experience of outdoor adventure. It develops skills in you and offers knowledge about different fish species. So now you get the idea ‘why fishing is fun?’ 

My Top 12 Reasons Why Fishing is Fun? 

Fishing has introduced me to peace of mind. I prefer to fish alone as it is a great stress-buster for me. But I also go fishing with friends and family. This has made my family bonding stronger than before. 

Why fishing is fun with friends too? Yes, very much, my friends too enjoy fishing with me as we have a gala time fishing together.

Following are some reasons why fishing is fun according to me:

Why Fishing Is Fun _ Reasons 1-3
Why Fishing Is Fun _ Reasons 1-3

Boost self-confidence: 

I have been fishing since a young age. Fishing has boosted my confidence level, which has been helpful in many ways. I believe if children are taught fishing from a very young age, they tend to develop new skills. 

This builds self-confidence, which helps them face different hurdles in life. Further, this confidence develops strong self-esteem.

Develops motor skills: 

Fishing activity develops motor skills in children. Catching a fish requires skill and patience. Fishing involves certain steps like timely casting the fishing rod, letting it go, reeling in, and so on. 

Children must tactfully perform the steps, which require a lot of thinking and planning. Thus fishing can enhance their motor learning ability.

Develop coordinating ability: 

To catch a fish, you need to have proper coordination and balance. Fishing helps in building these qualities. You must maintain balance if you are fishing on a boat; otherwise, you may fall into the water.

You may lose your catch if you are not well balanced while reeling in. Coordinating balance and motor skills can help you to catch fish successfully.

Why Fishing Is Fun _ Reasons 4-6
Why Fishing Is Fun _ Reasons 4-6

Enhance perseverance power: 

Practicing fishing can develop the power of perseverance. Fishing teaches you not to give up on your catch easily. You may need many attempts to catch a fish. 

Have patience and keep up with your practice till you get hold of a good catch. This quality further helps you in the future to keep trying till you achieve success. 

Boost self-independence: 

With practice, I mastered the fishing skills. Soon I was able to fish independently without any help. So fishing can boost self-independence in children if they learn the skill.

Learning this skill will enhance their confidence. Further, they will become self-independent to do their job without any help.

Develop patience: 

Fishing helps you to develop patience. At times catching fish can really get frustrating. So, holding on to your patience can lead to a good catch during fishing.

This quality also helps you to cope with negative situations in the outside world.

Why Fishing Is Fun _ Reasons 7-9
Why Fishing Is Fun _ Reasons 7-9

Appreciating nature’s gift: 

Fishing is a way to understand our natural surroundings and spend quality time with nature. Nature educates us in her own ways.

While fishing, natural elements like fresh air, the sound of water, and greeneries can really help in reducing stress levels. It can offer true peace of mind.

Stress buster: 

Fishing activity is a great way to bust your stress. Fishing means getting outdoors, close to nature. 

Whether you are fishing in mountain streams or by river bank or lake, the serenity and calmness in nature soothes you and reduces your stress.

You can become a part of a community: 

Many may not know that there are special communities that revolve around fishing. Such communities are for people of all ages who are fishing enthusiasts. 

Even people celebrate events like fish derby. Such events take place to celebrate the passion for fishing and social gathering.

Why Fishing Is Fun _ Reasons 10-12
Why Fishing Is Fun _ Reasons 10-12

Nurture family bonding: 

Going fishing with family and friends is a great way to nurture your relations with them. A fishing trip is the best way to stay connected with family in the lap of nature. This activity emphasizes communicating and learning together.

Fish on the table: 

A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy foods. Mother nature offers a variety of healthy food in abundance.

Fish is one such natural food and has numerous health benefits. So after fishing, cook it and enjoy a great supper with family and friends.

Promote a healthy lifestyle: 

Modern time’s hectic lifestyle is gradually harming our health. Mostly we are sitting and doing our work which leads to obesity. Going outdoor and fishing makes you active.

It reduces your sluggishness and recreates your mood. Fishing leads you to a healthier lifestyle.

Why Fishing Is Fun? the Enjoyable Side of Fishing

Fishing cannot be regarded as an activity only; fishing can be a great medium of self-fulfillment. Fishing leads to freedom and peace of mind. This sport is for everyone regardless of age, gender, and race. Thus it is a good answer to the frequently asked question- ‘why fishing is fun and popular?

Hectic schedules and busy everyday lifestyles are hampering our mental and physical health. No wonder cases of depression and obesity are on the rise. Fishing can be a soothing solution to these health struggles.

Why fishing is fun for people?

Fishing is a fun-filled activity that has so much to offer to us. Fishing connects people with nature. As we fish, the calmness, serenity, fresh breeze, and sound of water all together act as medicine for lowering stress.

While fishing, we have to focus on the catch; this improves our concentration and brings us out of other worries. This keeps our minds calm and makes us witness the joy within.

Fishing trips with family or friends are joyful and relaxing. We bond well with our family and connect with our friends again. Fishing trips teach us new skills, help each other, enjoying life without gadgets.

Developing fishing as a hobby in children can add value to their life. Fishing inculcates good and survival qualities in children that will help them succeed in future life.

Fishing Tricks That Make Fishing More Fun 

Why Fishing Is Fun _ Tricks
Why Fishing Is Fun _ Tricks

Did you know most Americans prefer fishing overall sports? It is because it is not only a great pass time, but they enjoy and love fishing. Here are a few tricks to make your fishing activity more fun:

Opt for fishing trips: 

You can make your fishing activity more memorable by going on fishing trips to unknown water bodies like the deep sea. Fishing in unknown areas can be challenging and adventurous. If you have some simple things you need for kayak fishing or any other type of fishing you have loads of fun.

Fishing with kids can be fun: 

Involve kids in fishing activities. It can be great fun to teach kids fishing skills. Kids will not only learn a skill but develop a close bond with you. This creates memories that last forever.

Fishing with friends: 

When you combine fishing and friends, it will become a gala moment. Fishing with friends can be a total blast to recreate your mood. It definitely creates cherishing memories.

Hire a fishing guide: 

A beginner should always take a fishing guide, at least once. It may cost a bit, but you tend to learn exact tips and tricks for fishing. As you learn the skill from experts, you feel a sense of happiness.

Explore fishing new species: 

Avoid fishing particular local fish species as it sometimes gets monotonous. Explore fishing new species at different water bodies. It can be challenging and rewarding as well.

Have your own fishing equipment: 

As a beginner, you may borrow a fishing rod once or twice for fishing. It is always better to have your own fishing equipment, as fishing with one’s own poles is more fun.

Some Essential Information About Fish and Fishing

Suppose you are seeking to develop fishing as a hobby. In that case, you need to know various facts about fish species and fishing. I will share certain facts which can be helpful for beginners:

How do fish have fun? 

Fish have fun by playing. Yes, certain fish species indeed play just like other animals. 

A new research study was published in the Ethology journal that says fishes can play. This study reveals that a tropical fish species of freshwater can play with objects.

Why do fish flop? 

Fish flops for survival. Fish breathes dissolved oxygen under water. They try to jump out of the water if the oxygen level lowers. 

If they are not careful, they can fall on dry land and start flip-flopping. They flop on the land because they need water for life support.

Why is it better to fish at night? 

If you fish at night, you will likely get a good catch. At night the water usually remains calm, and less boat traffic on the water. 

The night quietness keeps the fish distracted. As they are not alarmed like in day time, they become easy to catch.

Why fishing is fun on ice?

Ice fishing is a fun-filled and inexpensive winter activity. Ice fishing takes place on frozen lakes. 

This is a good reason to go out during harsh winter. You can catch some delicious fish in the frozen water body.

Why is fly fishing fun? 

Fly fishing can be the most joyful and fun-filled fishing method. You only learn a new skill, but this sport offers you some valuable qualities.

Along with it, you connect with nature very closely and experience calmness within yourself. 

Why Fishing Is Fun? It Has a Bigger Environmental Impact Than We Thought

Fishing does create a negative impact on the environment. The impacts associated with catching fish commercially and farming fish affect the ocean health, fisheries, communities, and global economy. There are also some environmental impacts of recreational fishing that all lovers of fishing should know about.

Extreme fishing can also disturb bio-diversity. Fishing also creates water pollution that kills a lot of underwater creatures. Water pollution also harms the natural habitats of fish.

Why fishing is fun? My side of the story:

Some individuals may find fishing boring and regard this as an ‘old man’s sport.’ I was pushed to fishing activity by my grandfather from a very young age. Since then, I have learned to value the sport as it added value to my life.

We come across certain memories in our life that is inerasable. I would love to share one memorable experience I witnessed a few years back. My uncle introduced me to a fishing community, and I’m thankful he did. 

The community invited me to group fishing at an unknown riverside. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical initially. I’m used to fishing alone in solitude and on the local lake. 

I thought of giving it a shot. Going out of my comfort zone can be adventurous, and my decision proved so. I was amazed to meet so many fishing enthusiasts of all ages. They were all warm and welcoming.

The riverside was a few hours’ drive from my place, so I left early. I haven’t seen such an awes-trucking scenic view. I was so pulled by the tranquillity of the place.

The community people shared so many interesting fishing stories. I got to learn some new techniques of fishing from them. Few of them even guided me to catch a big fish, and I did catch it. I can’t express how rewarding it was for me.

After fishing, we didn’t wait longer to cook the fish and start a delicious supper together. It was such a gladsome day. I learned so much and also befriended many. 

I didn’t expect group fishing can be so enthralling and joyous. This day was truly cherishing for me. Since then, I have always looked up to such plans to happen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is fishing cruel to fish?

Fishing is harmful to fish. Once the fish is out of the water, it immediately dies. Again when you catch a fish and release it back into the water, it has less chance of surviving. It is because they suffer from psychological trauma and die out of shock.

Is fishing as boring as it looks?

Fishing may be boring for some people. But fishing enthusiasts find it exhilarating. They don’t mind waiting for a long time quietly until they catch a fish. Rather they enjoy the solitude and calmness of the surrounding.

Why is bass fishing so fun?

Bass fishing is actually more accessible compared to offshore or sea fishing. Bass is aggressive in nature and gives a good fight for its size. Bass fishing can be fun as it throws many challenges to the catcher.

Is kayak fishing fun?

Kayak fishing can be fun if you know the beginners tip for kayak fishing. It is an onboard fishing kayak. It involves a lot of activities while catching a fish. Unlike normal fishing, you will not get frustrated in kayak fishing while waiting for the catch.


Fishing can make you feel the real freedom. I always suggest indulging in fishing as a hobby. Fishing can add tremendous value to your life. It can change your entire life, of course, in a positive way. Get into fishing activity, and you will feel the answer in you that ‘why fishing is fun?

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