Best Underwater Camera For Ice Fishing: Top 7 Choices 2022

Have you ever tried ice fishing? If not, then let me tell you it is a completely different and exciting experience for everyone. However, some challenges include finding a school of fish under layers of ice. That is why you need the best underwater camera for ice fishing which is a bit different compared to fish finders.

These cameras will show you what the water looks like underwater and what kind of fish are swimming under you. Some of these cameras also come with interesting features like night vision so that you can do some night fishing during winter.

So if you want to find the best ice fishing underwater camera you will need a good guide or list like the one we have written. Our underwater fishing camera list has some of the best ones on the market. We have tested them individually just for you.

We made sure that you are reading only the best reviews so that picking one will become easier for you. All of the cameras were taken out to frozen lakes and rivers where they were tested by experienced anglers. So trust in our process and review so that you can find the best underwater camera for yourself.

Best underwater camera for ice fishing

Aqua-Vu AV 715C


  • Screen size: 7”
  • Display type: LCD
  • Cable length: 50’
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs

Those looking for affordable and high-quality underwater fishing cameras need not look any further. The Aquavu 715C is one of the most affordable cameras on the market and is excellently built. Everything from the camera to the screen is built to work during all seasons.

First of all, this fishing camera is a new XD camera housing™ which comes with multiple accessories that help you during fishing. However, none of these accessories are sold with this camera so you are out of luck. 

In addition, this camera set includes an RCA video which will help you to move the display to another screen if needed. The video out port is built with quality, so you won’t suffer any degradation. 

In terms of power supply, the 715C utilizes a 12v 7ah battery & charger all of which you can carry with you in the given carry case. The carry case with the camera will be large enough to fit a 5-gallon bucket.

The camera comes with IR but has anti-spook IR lighting, so you don’t need to worry about scaring away the fishies. 

Why do I choose it?

One of the main reasons why I personally like this underwater fishing camera is just how affordable it is. While the price is quite reasonable, it’s the features that come with it that really make it such as great choice. The 7-inch high-resolution HD display doesn’t make it any less appealing.

Having used this camera a few times, I know just how well it looks. And the camera is durable enough that you can accidentally bump it on some things without breaking it.

Eyoyo EF09R-30


  • Screen size: 9 inch
  • Display type: LCD
  • Cable length: 30 meters
  • Weight: 2.45 kg (package)

Another excellent choice for the best underwater ice fishing camera has to be the EF09R-30 from Eyoyo. While a 7-inch screen is good enough to get the job done, it doesn’t hurt to have a bigger screen. Aside from having a 9-inch screen option, this camera comes with many more features that every fisherman would love to have.

One of the best is the 1000 TVL camera itself because it is specifically made and includes 12 pcs IR LED lights. It also has a program chip that works well with infrared LEDs; as such, you will have a much easier time spotting fish even in deep dark waters.

Not all fishing cameras come with recording features at least the ones at this price don’t. However, the EF09R-30 isn’t like most other cameras because this one comes with an 8 GB TF card. With it you can record the underwater scenery just how you like it.

The design of this underwater fishing camera was also well thought out since it comes in a silver color and is compact. In fact, you will have an easier time luring in the fish than scaring them away with this design.

Finally, the 4000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery cell box will give you hours of fish viewing time. So you don’t have to worry about the camera failing you at the worst time possible. So relax and watch the fish come to you while you enjoy the chill winter.

Why do I choose it?

With all the features that come with it and how well it’s designed, it should come as no surprise that I love this camera. First of all, the price is more than reasonable since I am getting so many features, all of them in a durable body. Additionally, the camera comes with multiple options, such as 9-inch screens with 30- or 50 meters cables. 

The whole system is built to be as simple as possible while also giving you quality video. After testing it out multiple icy waters and normal lakes and rivers, I have to say that this is truly one of the best underwater ice fishing cameras.

MarCum Recon 5


  • Screen size: 5 inch
  • Display type: LCD
  • Cable length: 50 foot
  • Weight: 2 lbs

People aren’t wrong when they say that great things can come in small packages. To prove that point, we have included the MarCum Recon 5 on our list. This is an amazing fish camera for underwater ice fishing. Even though the screen is about the size of a smartphone, you will be able to see and catch some great fish with it. 

The camera is a CMOS grade camera with infrared lighting as well as dark water LED meaning you will face zero problems with night and underwater fishing. Additionally, it has color-kill capabilities, meaning you can better see what’s going on underneath the water and figure out which type of fish is swimming around. The camera has a field of view of 110 degrees.

RC5 underwater camera has a 5-inch widescreen flat display with a built-in battery status feature. This is one of the smallest displays for fishing cameras. Still, the video quality you can see is more than adequate for fishing. It has a video resolution of 800 x 480 Pixels. 

The display screen also has a built-in screen protector and sun visor so you can see the video even during mid-noon. There is removable storage for both the camera and the cable for easier space management. Finally, you can get as much as 6 hours of continuous runtime which is more than enough for any fishing trip.

Why do I choose it?

As we said above, sometimes great things come in small packages, and the RC5 is one of those. With the ability to switch between color and B/W display on a 5” display, this underwater camera is a great choice for beginners and experienced anglers. You can also choose between three angles; straight down, horizontal, and looking up. 

All in all, I found this camera deserving to be the best underwater camera for ice fishing.

Vexilar FS800


  • Screen size: 7 inch
  • Display type: LCD
  • Cable length: 90 feet
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs

Any waterproof camera can be used as an underwater camera. Still, only some waterproof cameras can be underwater cameras for ice fishing. Why are some better than others you might ask? The answer is that this camera can withstand very low temperatures. One of the best ice fishing cameras with a really low-temperature limit is the FS800 from Vexilar.

This wonderful camera can handle water temperatures between -22℉-150℉ (-30℃-66℃) which pretty much covers the whole possible range. It’s just not the camera that is amazing; the display that comes with it is a 7″ 16:9 widescreen LCD monitor. It has a resolution of 480×3 (RGB)x234.

The included carry case houses the 12v 9 amp battery, providing you with up to 9 hours of continuous video. Vexilar also provides you with a standard 2 years warranty so you know this is a trustworthy fishing camera.

Why do I choose it?

Like other ice fishing cameras, the FS800 is a ready-to-use model that you can drop into the water out of the box. With its wide temperature range, we could use it on every body of water around us. And in every test, this model performed amazingly which convinced us that this camera deserves to be on this list.

MarCum VS485c


  • Screen size: 7 inch
  • Display type: LCD
  • Cable length: 50 foot
  • Weight: 2 lbs

Anglers on the market for a lightweight, easy-to-carry underwater camera should take a look at the VS485c from MarCum. We have already reviewed another MarCum underwater fishing camera. That want was at the top of our list for good reasons just like this one.

This camera comes with a 7-inch widescreen flat display with 480p resolution which you can switch between color and B/W. The camera has dark water lighting and CMOS sensors for optimal underwater viewing. However, the field of view on this one is limited to only 90 degrees. Other features included in this package are sun and snow screen as well as cable and camera storage. 

Why do I choose it?

All the features mentioned above should be enough to convince anyone to pick this ice fishing camera. While there isn’t any definitive range of temperature this camera can handle, it still performed well in some really cold waters.

The 50-foot cable was more than enough to reach some deep waters near us and the video quality was pristine even at that level.

Anysun fishing camera


  • Screen size: 4.3 inch
  • Display type: IPS
  • Cable length: 15 meters

Looking at the display and keeping the line moving simultaneously can be a hassle. Hence, it would be best to have the Anysun underwater fishing camera. This 4.3-inch display is lightweight enough to be carried in one hand. Amazingly, it has some clamps that can mount the display onto your fishing rod. 

The camera has a maximum of 130 degrees field of view and can be set in either a top-down or parallel view. Moreover, it has a 2600 mah battery that will give you up to 6 hours of fish viewing time.

Why do I choose it?

While the brand might seem generic, the product itself is good enough for both beginners and intermediate-level ice anglers. I had some problems initially, but once I figured out how it worked, I could do some great fishing. 

The 480p resolution video will be hard to see in the bright sunlight, but the sun visor helps out in those times. However, I would recommend that you use it during the early morning or evening time.

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera


  • Screen size: 4.3 inch
  • Display type: LCD
  • Cable length: 15 meters
  • Weight: 0.43 lbs

If we are talking about the easiest to carry and use an underwater camera, Moocor under fishing cameras needs to be mentioned. This 0.4 pounds camera for fishing is dead easy to set up and use even for beginners. In fact, this camera was made for beginners with its simple button commands and setup process.

The underwater camera has Far Infrared LED Lights and the 1000TVL HD camera. And the high-resolution display has a sun visor and highlight LED backlight. If needed, you can zoom up to four times with this display. 

Why do I choose it?

This is one of the most simple but best underwater cameras on our list and for good reasons. The Moocor underwater fishing camera is built with simplicity in mind and you can feel it when using it. There are no crazy features but just the bare minimum. The camera does have an infrared option and 4x zoom but the design is basic.

Overall the Moocor underwater fishing camera is one that those just getting into ice fishing should look at.

Buying guide for best underwater fishing camera

By now you should have found an underwater camera that works for you. In case you haven’t found one here is a guide on what to look for. These are just a few of the criteria we follow to narrow down the choices and pick one that matches our preferences.

Remember that these aren’t the only factors you should find out for these are just the most common ones. Some of you might have your own list, so mix and match with ours to make getting the best underwater camera for ice fishing much easier on yourself.

Field of view

With a camera, you need to make sure that it has a wide enough Field Of View (FOV) so that you can capture everything you want. The same is true for underwater cameras as well since you need to make sure there are fishies below where you stand. Different ice fishing cameras from different brands have FOV.

In general, the field of view underwater cameras for ice fishing is from 80° to 135°. However, this range is not set in stone. There are some brands with smaller fields of view and others with wider fields of view. Both types of ranges have their use so you need to check them out when you buy an underwater camera.

If you are fishing in a big lake, pick a camera with a wide range of views to find out if there are around you. However, picking a camera with a smaller field of view will be much more useful if you are fishing in smaller bodies of water. In smaller lakes and rivers, the fishes tend to swim in bigger groups, making them easier to spot. 

Cable length

Just like with a fishing rod and fishing line, the length of the cable that comes with your underwater camera is very much important. The longer the cable, the deeper the camera can go and the greater your chance of finding the fish you are looking for. 

There is no standard for ice fishing camera cable length, so many options are available to you. Therefore you need to be careful about picking just any model. In fact, you should do some research on where you fish commonly and how deep those waters are. 

If you generally fish in deep waters, pick the camera with longer cables and vice versa. The average cable length of the cameras on our list is about 15 feet or 50 meters. But there are some brands with longer cable; however, those aren’t that common.

Additionally, there are attachments available that can help you to increase the cable length. These ‘additions’ aren’t always top quality, so be careful when using them. We have found that sometimes these extra cables tend to snap or rip when the river flow is fast or the fish bite them.

Camera quality & screen size

Using a small screen to see if there are any fish is about as useful as a button phone to play games. What I mean by that is that you can do it but it just won’t be effective or enjoyable. So what you need is to get an ice fishing camera which comes with a big screen. 

But a big screen doesn’t mean 10″ or 12″ generally speaking; getting one with a 7″ or 9″ will be more than enough. You need the screen to be big enough to see the fish clearly without straining your eyes. 

If the quality of your camera is good enough, then you need a good-quality screen to see the images clearly. Bigger and better-quality cameras generally have higher image quality which you can measure by looking at their pixel count. 

Pixel count comes in various amounts and sometimes with added features. We have made sure to include cameras with the best screens because we want you to have an easy time looking for the fish. For the most part, pro or experienced anglers look for screens with a resolution of 1080p.

Extra features

As we have said, an underwater camera has multiple uses besides helping you during ice fishing. These other uses are dependent on the extra features that come with them. Mostly these fishing cameras are mainly helpful during fishing expeditions.

Some of the common extra features that come with an underwater camera for ice fishing are night vision capability or a sun visor. While neither of them might sound all that impressive, they impact you out fishing. It’s all about using the tools available to you and making your fishing experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

For more context, here is an explanation of the two features mentioned above and how they make your fishing more fun. Let’s start with the sun visor since this one is the easiest to explain and helpful in all fishing trips.

Sun visor

Basically, a sun visor acts like a little hat for your camera to keep the harsh sunlight of the summer away from the screen. Now you might be wondering what the use of a sun visor is during winter fishing.

Those with ice fishing experience know that the sun can be bright during the early mornings and mid-noons. In fact, if you are fishing on top of clear ice, the light from the sky can bounce off of it and hit your eyes or the screen. This makes fishing really annoying and difficult.

Thanks to a sun visor you can ensure that sunlight won’t be hitting the screen and make it easier to see even at noon. Next is the night vision capability and that’s just as straightforward as the sun visor.

Night vision

Night vision cameras work to allow you to see images in the dark or at night. Any angler with experience should be able to understand just helpful this feature is when it comes to fishing. Night vision underwater cameras will help you find fish while doing some nighttime fishing or when you fish in deep waters. 

The camera uses technology to capture images or video in areas with little light. This can be extremely useful for ice fishing because the layer of ice blocks light from hitting the lake or river, so it’s tough to find and catch fish. With the night vision feature, you can easily find schools of fish even in deep and dark water.


Whether it’s a fishing rod or an underwater fishing camera, the price of these products is a big factor when you are trying to buy one. We have ensured that the products on our list have varied prices so that there is something for everyone; as with all other products the higher the price the better it is.

You can use your skill level to help determine what type of underwater ice fishing camera you should buy and at what price. Those that are just beginning to fish in ice water shouldn’t buy a camera with a price of a couple of hundred. At the same time, those that compete in fishing competitions shouldn’t buy a camera that costs about a hundred or so dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which brands make the best ice fishing camera?

Like with many fishing products, there is no clear answer to which are the best underwater fishing cameras. However, some models of cameras have received numerous reviews and positive ratings; thus you can rely on them more. Our camera list comprises ice fishing cameras with outstanding ratings and reviews.
Here are the brands that we believe you can trust:
1. AquaVu
2. Eyoyo
3. MarCum
4. Vexilar
5. Anysun

What size screen is best for underwater fishing cameras?

Most of the time, a 7′′ or 9′′ screens will suffice. You need a large enough screen to see the fish without squinting. Most pros and experienced anglers prefer screens with a resolution of 1080p.

Do I need the best underwater camera for ice fishing?

Yes, you do or will need the best underwater camera for ice fishing because without one you won’t know where you drop your line. Fishing on a frozen lake or river means you won’t be able to see where the fish are swimming so you will just be wasting time dropping your line in random areas. However, with an underwater fishing camera, you will find out if the spot has fish or not within a few moments.

Is there a difference between a flasher and an ice fishing camera?

Ice fishing flashers can locate fish more effectively than cameras in a wider range of water depths and clarity. Flashers also allow you to quickly determine how hard and deep the bottom is, making them an indispensable scouting tool. But, in terms of entertainment, nothing beats watching fish eat your bait while the best underwater fishing camera records it.


And that’s all the underwater cameras we believe deserve to be called the best underwater camera for ice fishing. Hopefully, you have found and bought one that matches your criteria. If not, our buying guide should have pointers to help you choose when visiting the fishing or sports stores.

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