5 Steps How To Make A Slip Knot .

Have you been waiting for the best time to learn how to make a slip knot? Well, the time is NOW!

You can learn right now from this article as we will give you a step by step to guide to be successful at it.

How to make a slip knot? Best 5 step process

In learning how to make a slip knot, the things you will need are:

  • The yarn to practice
  • Crochet hook that is appropriate in size for the yarn.

You will learn how to make a slip knot using the following steps. They are:

Step One: holding the yarn and hook

The first step entails holding the yarn and hook. Then, with your four-inch tail of yarn plus a working strand that goes to the ball at the back, embark on grasping the yarn using your left hand.

You will grasp it between your left hand’s index finger and thumb before allowing the yarn to flow freely over the index finger. Ensure you support the strands of yarn using your ring and middle fingers.

Note that you can use a knife grip or pencil grip to grasp the hook with your right hand. The fingers should be made to relax enough to move freely.

However, because you are making it relaxed does not mean you should not grip it tight. So, grip it tight to maintain control over your hook.

Your hook should be left to face up before slipping the crochet hook between the yarn and your index finger. In doing this, your yarn should be about six to eight inches from the end.

Then, drop it down into a U shape to fall underneath your fingers. While you do not need to measure your yarn, give it enough extra yarn.

Remember that this U shape is known as a bight for knot tying.

Step Two: Make a loop on your hook

It would help if you kept the strands of yarn in your left hand to complete this second step. So, embark on lifting the crochet hook above your left hand.

Then, use the index finger of your right hand to hold the top part of the draped yarn on your hook. The head of the hook must be rotated clockwise towards the right underneath your right hand, then back to the beginning position.

In other news, you are learning how to make a slip knot by turning your hook in a circle. With this move, you will be successfully twisting the strands to form loose loops on the hook.

While it is not secure yet, it will start looking like the beginning of a crochet project. But for what it is worth, this move needs a half turn or more while the yarn will cross over itself naturally.

Step Three: The yarn over the hook

With the second step done, start adjusting the fingers on your left hand to prepare for crocheting. You are to pinch the tail of the yarn between the thumb and middle finger.

Then, insert the index finger between the yarn strands and upwards to the back. This is done so that you can manipulate your working yarn as it successfully unwinds from your ball.

Typically, the strand is meant to loop over the index finger and pass between your other fingers, creating the ideal tension. You can use your left hand to wrap the yarn over the crochet hook from behind and then over its top.

Or, you can use your right hand to manipulate the hook to do the same process. Now, this maneuver or process you do is known as the yarn over or yarn round hook.

Please do not be scared; the more you practice this move, the better you will become at it. As you carry out this step, you must ensure that your other hand holds onto the yarn strands just below the loop to keep the shape in position.

With your fingers inside the loop, you can grab onto the standing yarn before pulling it through partially. This standing yarn will be the line that will lead back to the ball of yarn.

Meanwhile, its shorter side will lead to the tail or the end. Finally, you must pull the standing line through to form yet another bight.

Step Four: Drawing through a loop

You are to use the head of the crochet hook to draw the yarn over via the twisted loop on your hook. This yarn will pass through the loop, forming a loose slip knot on your hook.

Doing this entails pulling the tail of your yarn in tightening the knot halfway. You must not cinch everything down but pull the tail to get the knot closer together.

It will look like a noose, but the bottom has a knot.

Step Five: Adjusting the loop

Now that you have the loose slip knot on the crochet hook, the next thing to do as you learn how to make a slip knot is to leave it on the crochet hook before pulling subtly on the two ends of yarn to get it tight.

It would help if you were cautious so you do not over-tighten it since the crochet hook will need to move very quickly inside the loop. Therefore, it has to be snug yet not extra tight.

Remember that your slip knot will always need to go around something as its beauty lies in how it tightens quickly and loosens around any object.

This is the final step in learning how to make a slip knot. Note that the starting slip knot is not part of a crochet stitch. It is different from knotting.

In knitting, the first slip knot creates a stitch. So, when following the steps above for your first crochet pattern, only count the first slip knot while counting the stitches of the foundation chain.

how to make a slip knot

Feeding a loop into a loop

Another method you should learn when seeking how to make a slip knot is to feed a loop into a loop.

To do this:

You will have to get your yarn roughly twelve centimeters or 4.7/5 inches away from the end. This is vital so you can easily create the bight in your yarn.

Then, you will make your loop by taking the long end of your yarn, the standing line, and winding it all over the top of the tail end. Ensure you hold the point wherein the yarns tightly cross between the forefinger and the left thumb.

With your right hand, take the standing line to create another bight. Remember that the standing line is also the part that leads back to the yarn ball. You are to form a half loop like in the method above.

This second bite must be fed through the back of your loop, thus, creating a loop in a loop. Then, pull the tail of the knot in a bid to tighten your first loop around your second loop.

It will make the knot to be easier to manage and look cleaner. Finally, feed the crochet hook into your remaining loop before pulling the longer end of the yarn to close the loop over your hook.

How to loop and push through

As you learn how to make a slip knot, you need to know how to loop and push through.

This entails pulling out roughly ten inches of yarn from the ball though you do not need a specific amount. Just pull out enough that will make working easy.

With the yarn set, make a one-inch loop in your turn. You will do this when you tuck the end of the yarn underneath the remaining yarn.

Then, embark on doubling the yarn on itself before sliding the end under the remaining to create a circle. Finally, you are to flip your loop down so that it will lay at the top of the remaining yarn.

Ensure you are flipping it towards the side with the other parts of the yarn, not the side with the end of the yarn. You must pick up your yarn inside the loop before pulling it through.

You will pin the straight line of yarn under the loop and pull it through one to two inches. All of these will form yet another loop naturally. When all is done, start pulling the end of your yarn to tighten the knot while the loop opens on top.

The aim of tightening it is to close the initial loop you have made and leave the other loop to be open at the top. The knot will be slipped on your crochet hook before you pull the two ends to tighten it.

Finally, pull your crochet hook through the rest of the loop before pulling the two ends to give it a snug fit.


Learning to make a slip knot is easier than it seems. While starting for the first time may seem complicated, constant practice will make you see that it is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is this slip knot?

The Slip Knot is used by those interested in crocheting and is known as a running knot. It is done to anchor a thing in place, although it quickly loosens when you pull one of its ends.

Is the slip knot like all other knots or different?

It is only different from other knots because it will easily loosen when you pull on it. This is because other knots are very tight, and although the slip knot can be made tight, it still needs to be loosed easily.

Is the slip knot important in crocheting?

Yes. It is essential to learn it because you will need to use it whenever you begin a crochet project with the crochet starter chain.

Can I use the slip knot only for crocheting?

No. The slip knot is also used for knitting. Although, instead of using the crochet hook, you will use knitting needles. But it is the same process.

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