Step-By-Step Guide On How To Tie A Dropper Loop

Any angler worth their salt will tell you that you must know how to tie a dropper loop. They say that a dropper loop helps attach additional flies, baits, or other jigs to catch more fish.

In short, you will need to make a simple wrap multiple times and feed a final loop through the new opening while holding it. And finally, tighten the entire thing.  

Steps on How to tie a dropper loop?

Here how to tie a dropper loop step by step is designed to assist you properly. It will help you a lot and increase your fishing skill. The steps are:

  1. First, take a rope as long as you want to tie your entire knot. Hold any two parts of the cord with your thumb and middle finger. The gap between the two parts should be 30 cm or 12 inches.
  2. Now choose where to do this knot for the dropper loop for your fishing skill. While taking the rope, you have to keep in mind that the loop in the dropper loop will be two to three inches in size.
  3. The two parts of the rope you held earlier with your two hands now bring those two parts together. After bringing the two parts of the cord together, now, with one hand, you must hold the two parts of the rope together.
  4. It would help if you made sure that the knot you make with the two parts of the rope is on the plain part of the rope. It will be very inconvenient later if the cord is bent while making the knot. No more headaches about which hand is on top of the string when tying the knot.
  5. This step is crucial to tying a dropper loop. In this step, you must move one part of the loop forward to the other. Now, you have to hold the bottom of the large loop with one hand, and then it has to start spinning around to wrap it.
  6. When you run a loop through another loop, you must loosen the loop you are pressing with the other. Then losing the tip of the loop, you must remember where you pressed the loop.
  7. Make sure that you are wrapping the loop six times for better results. You need to make six loops, or you can do it three times as you wish.
  8. The loose line should be inserted through the loop at the top. The two lines that you previously pressed must be separated now. Because you lose the last part of the rope, there will be a hole.
  9. Pull it upwards, and keep pulling it until a tight loop is formed and it tightens. If the dropper loop is loose, there can be many problems later. So, knowing how to tie a dropper loop is essential. 
  10. As I told you, you need to tighten the dropper loop for better results. Hold the top side of the loop you made with your one-hand fingers, hold the two parts of the rope with your hands, and keep tightening. You have to tighten it very slowly so that the shape of the loop is not spoiled.
  11. You need to get the loop or the rope for the best results. Because it is said that if you weigh the loop, it will tighten more than a dry rope and stay longer. So you can get the loop in the water, or many people do it with their mouths. Do it as you like.
  12. Now we are very close to finishing our dropper loop. When we glide the two sides of the loop at the same place, then it will end. You can use your hand and mouth both to tighten it. Just be careful about it. If the knots overlap, then your hard work falls through. 
  13. So, you need to separate and maintain the positions of the loops. Now you have tied a dropper loop knot.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How strong is a dropper loop knot?

Any angler wanting to have an easier time fishing should be using the dropper loop knot as its strenght is close to 100%. In fact, its one of the most if the most reliable loop knot.

When is the dropper loop knot most useful?

There are two times when the dropper loop knot would be the most useful; when fly fishing and when catching bottom species.
For fly fishing, the dropper loop knot will work by giving the fishes two bait choices and you will figure out which one works the best.
To catch bottom species, while surf fishing or catching baitfish using a dropper loop can be very helpful. This knot will work to


The first time you thought tying this dropper loop would be challenging, but now you know how to tie a dropper loop

I recommend you use this dropper loop. With this loop, fishing will be straightforward and fast. Just pay attention to the points I mentioned.

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