Easiest Way To Know How To Tie A Snell Knot – Get Complete Details 2023

Before discussing how to tie a snell knot, you must understand it and why many people connect a snell knot to their fishing knots. 

Do you know when the snell knot was invented? As far as history says, it was invented many years ago to use with eyeless hooks. Still, it spreads like fire, and many people use snell knots. If you love live bait fishing, it’s ideal for you. 

There are many reasons why this knot became so popular; one of the reasons is that it provides many advantages. 

It stays in line and provides a stronger hook easily and quickly. Moreover, it won’t slip easily, so tying a snell knot properly is mandatory for fishers. Sometimes you will need to tie two fishing lines and we have an article for that as well. Check out: How To Tie Two Fishing Lines Together: Best & Many Ways 2023

Do you want to know more about a snell knot or enjoy a deep discussion about tying a snell knot? This article would be for you if you answered yes to any or both questions.

Important ways how to tie a snell knot? 

We have researched a lot and found a lot of ways on how one can tie a snell knot. Most of the steps of connecting a snell knot are challenging to understand for people. 

So, we have created the quickest and easy-to-understand way to learn how to tie a snell knot just for you.

There are a few steps that have been discussed in the post. It won’t take much time. Once you learn the process, you can apply the snell knot for bass fishing.

So here is how to tie a snell knot for fishing:

  1. Hold the hook so that both points can take a position while facing up. Now you need to progress the line from the same side of the hook point where your eyelet is. 
  2. Go through the shank and curl the line back to back until the loop looks like a uni knot.
  3. It would be best to wrap the loop all over the knot. Do it along the shank and also through the parallel line. After that, wrap the loop from the shanks downwards. 
  4. To tighten up the line, one must hold the key line, and the wraps should be in the inline position. 
  5. Find the tag and keyline slowly and thus inch the wrap-up.

How many types of the snell knot are there?

We have been taught the best and quickest way to tie a snell knot, but there are many other ways. Here are some of the other ways to tie a snell knot:

  1. Uni snell knot
  2. Egg loop knot
  3. Double-hooked snell knot
  4. Easy snell knot
  5. Improved snell knot

Most fishing knots have variations; like that, snell knot also comes with variations. Now that you know its variations, you are free to choose any one. 

Alongside, learning to tie a snell knot you should also learn how to tie a swivel on the fishing line for effective fishing. There are other types of knots you can tie to if you want to fish.


Now that you know how to tie a snell knot, all you have to do is practice these steps a few times then you will be golden. Our steps on tying a snell knot are easy to understand and will work for bass fishing quite well. People are helpful with snell knots not only because they are one of the oldest snell knots but because they can give a reliable connection and strength to the fishing line.

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