Best UV Light For Charging Fishing Lure: 3 Top Choices

How do you charge your fishing lure because you cannot decide on the ideal UV light to buy? 

Well, think of this challenge as a thing of the past, as we have compiled a list of the best UV light for charging fishing lures for your perusal. Keep reading to make a choice effectively. 

Best UV light for charging fishing lures

The best UV light for charging fishing lure are: 

The DarkBeam UV Rechargeable light 

The first thing to know about one of the best UV lights for charging fishing lures is that it is a highly portable handheld pocket torch crafted to help fulfill diverse purposes. 

And one of the purposes that the DarkBeam UV light fulfills is that you can use it to charge your fishing lures. It can detect pet urine, spot invisible fluids, and identify jewelry. 


  • Lightweight 
  • USB charging port 
  • LED lamp

More so, you can easily fit this light into your backpack, pocket, and even your toolbox. It comes with 5W super bright LED lamp beads that work at night and during the day. 

Its USB charging port is described as hidden because you will need to unscrew its back cover before you can plug your fishing lures into it. 

Now, you do not need to use alkaline batteries as you can easily connect them to a socket to charge. Moreover, this is a waterproof UV light whose torch’s focus is easily adjustable via zooming in and out. 

Interestingly, it has a one hundred and eighty days money-back guarantee. 

The Quans LED Light

As one of the best UV light for charging fishing lure, the Quans is rated as top of the range as it can help you with fishing. It has a fantastic wavelength that ranges between 395nm to 400nm. 

This UV light will illuminate reactive pigments and even glow in the dark. In addition, the wavelength can shine the most reactive pigments while the light runs on low power, saving energy. 


  • Low power consumption 
  • 20cm wire length 
  • Waterproof 

It must be noted that you can hold on to this light while working under rain thanks to its IP65. Moreover, this light uses the 083A working currently to show its effectiveness. 

Aside from using it to charge your fishing lure, you can use this UV light for backlight fishing. With this light, we get to manage energy and use it for an extended period. 

The Black Light UV Flashlight 

If you need the best UV light for charging a fishing lure, turn to the Black Light UV Flashlight. This waterproof light can be used by those who need a reliable light. 

It has four separate modes: SOS, High UV light, high white light, and low white light. These modes will assist in maximizing their practicality and effectiveness. 


  • Scaling design 
  • UV flashlight 
  • Four modes flashlight 

More so, this light can detect fungi and even assist you with antique appraisals aside from charging your lures. The material is alloyed, and your UV light is Waterproof due to its IPX4 Waterproof rating. 

If you want a spotlight or floodlight, you only need to rotate the body of this flashlight. It weighs 150g and can be carried fishing or even camping. 

It functions with three AAA batteries which come in the pack. So, while safely using it under light rain, do not let it submerge in water. The Black Light UV Flashlight is your best bet for adaptability and versatility. 

Before buying the best UV light for charging fishing lure

Now that you know the best UV light for charging fishing lures, it is time to learn the factors to consider before purchasing. Some of the elements are: 

The quality 

Irrespective of your desired product, you must always consider its quality, so you do not waste money. 

The quality of the UV light will determine its performance and durability. If you want to know the quality of the UV light you need, pay close attention to the specifications. 

The variant and type

When choosing your UV light, you must consider the variant and type. Every product in this industry comes with diverse styles and versions. And as you select one, you must ensure it meets your needs. 

You should look at the available types and select one that fits your desires. Then, you can check out their features, dimensions, and even their year of release. 

The durability 

People want to avoid paying a good sum for a product that will not last a while. Of course, no one said it has to last a lifetime, but it should be durable enough to stay long before having any issues. 

For this reason, you must consider the durability of the UV light you choose. You can check if the manufacturer used durable materials to craft the product. 

Some features to look out for include corrosion, resistance to rust, shockproof, and even waterproof. You must check all these to ensure the UV light can withstand diverse challenges. 

The performance 

You have to consider the performance of your UV light before buying it to charge your fishing lures. The version lets you know whether this product meets your requirements. 

The material

When you consider the quality of the product, the material must also be considered. Therefore, checking the material is not only done to know the quality and durability of the UV light. 

It is done to know its finish and feel. Therefore, you should look for a material that is easy to clean and adds aesthetic value. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are UV lights for charging fishing lures expensive?

Since they have different designs, they come at different prices. However, you can buy many within your budget, like those on this list. 

Are these UV lights worth it?

Well, if you make use of those glow-in-the-dark fishing lures or lures that needs to be recharged, you will find the UV lights worth the price.


We have provided you with the best UV light for charging fishing lures. However, it is vital that you read through and finally make your choice from the ones we have described.

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