How To Rig A Spinner Bait: Best Methods of 2022

Want to lure fish to your bait? Spinners can be a good option. But do you know how to rig a spinner bait? Well, no worries, we are here to help.

You can catch a wide range of fish once you master this style and even go for big fishes like crappie & walleye. However, first you will have to learn to tie the spinner bait to the line.

These baits can really imitate the motion of a minnow or a small fish with minimal vibration. So, if you can use it effectively, you can get your hands on some huge stuff.

So, let us begin now with our exploration for a spinner bait.

How to rig a spinner bait and put bait?

If you are into fishing, you are already into something fascinating. This exciting sport requires exciting techniques and practice.

There is no doubt about your keen interest in fishing since you are attracted to a spinner bait. People often call its movements to be like a batfish which is why it is so exciting for anglers.

These baits are available in various forms and a commonly used form is the in-line spinner. Apart from these there are other types which include tail spinners & beetle spinners. Anglers also love to use overhead arms spinners and live bait spinners.

The specialty of these baits lies in the blades attached to them which are the key ingredient to create underwater vibration & flashes.

Many people want to know about how we put the bait on a spinner. This part is quite important and is the key to how successful your fishing experiences will be with this bait.

This article has tried to cover all the key details related to spinnerbaits. So, all you need to do is keep reading till the end.

How to rig a spinner bait?

Big fishes like bass are the most common catch using spinner bait. When it comes to rigging a bait, there are several options and you can use them to boost your fishing potential. A spinner bait is usually heavy having blades around a skirt. 

Since you are concerned about how to rig up a spinner bait, we will give you some pointers to start with so that you can have your own checklist.

  • Get your spinner bait and find its eyehole.
  • While most suggest the Palomar knot, we recommend using the Clinch knot.
  • Once the knot is done, plunge the hook and the bait into the water to test the knot. You are good to go now.

How to set up or rig a spinner bait?

Setting up a spinner bait is not that tough once you learn the below-mentioned steps.

Lightweight line

The line you have thought of using should be light in weight. A monofilament line would be the best for the purpose. This will allow you to throw your bait to further distances in the waterbody and in case a fish bites, you can reel back really fast.

A light-weighted line with around 12 – 15 lbs of weight can be called ideal. You can get monofilament lines at any fishing accessories store.

Attractive Lure

The brighter the lure is the more likely your bait will get a fish bite. Spinner baits are effective with proper lures and bright colors simply help to attract fishes as they get drawn towards the bait.

Also, choose a light-weighted lure so that it can have a swaying movement underwater and can be reeled back easily while a fish bites. We would recommend you opt for green or yellow-colored lures.

Trailer Hook

A spinner bait will generally have a hook with it. But the effectiveness increases if you attach another hook to it, especially if you want to catch big fish.

A trailer hook is basically a free-swinging hook that can be attached to the center of the spinnerbait’s hook. It is supported by the primary hook and can increase the possibility of catching a fish to some extent.

Another way can be to attach this trailer hook opposite to the spinnerbait’s hook so that the odds of getting a bite increase.

Trailer bait

Nothing specific but a soft artificial lure can serve the purpose of a trailer bait. This gives more realistic feels under water and enhances the chances of getting preyed on by some big fish.

Sometimes anglers opt for bigger-sized trailer baits but they are usually not very effective in terms of fish like bass. Smaller baits help the spinnerbait to stay down and have a more luring effect.

How do rig a spinner bait and attach bait using a Palomar knot?

One of the most suggested knotting processes is the Palomar technique. To do this successfully, you can follow the below steps.

  • You need to cut a line with a length of about 12 inches.
  • Fold it to make it double the width and half the length.
  • Make a loop, a small-sized one, around 1cm.
  • Pass the loop through the eyehole of the bait and let the bait hang.
  • In this position, tie an overhand knot.
  • Through the knot’s loop, bring the spinner bait upwards.
  • Now, make the knot tight.
  • Finally, you need to cut an end of the line to make it single from double-stranded.

How to put and rig a spinner bait using Trilene knot?

Another common technique of knotting is widely practiced in the Trilene knot which is often recommended for spinnerbaits. Although we know the knot choice is completely yours, we would like to share this information with you as well.

You may use this even if you find it useful or a better option than the other knots.

To tie a Trilene knot, you may follow the below steps.

How To Rig A Spinner Bait _ Process
How To Rig A Spinner Bait _ Process

Cut the line

You need to cut a line about 12 inches in length; for this purpose, you can use a ruler or a measuring tape. Having some extra line won’t be a problem; you always have the option to chop the extra line off.

Pass through eyehole

Now, hold the spinner bait upright and pass the line through the eye hole of the bait. Before passing make sure you double the line by folding it into halves, which will help you tie the knot easily.

Let the spinner bait hang down loosely once the thread is passed.

Wrap the standing line

Hold your standing line in one hand. The standing line is basically the rest of the line that you have which will also be attached to the bait. To do this, you need to loop the end of the line passed through the bait’s line hole around the standing line.

You must pass some extra line from the standing line into the eye of the bait. No need to wrap the bait around the standing line, though. If you feel the line is loose, don’t worry.

Pass through both loops

Now, you will have 2 loops; all you need to do is pass the end of the line through the loop and underneath both the lines. The 2 loops are made from the standing line and the one that you passed through the bait’s eye hole.

Test everything

This is the last step where you must pull the end of the line tightly to ensure the whole line gets tightened and your spinnerbait is firmly attached.

How to tie a Clinch knot when you rig a spinner bait?

You may also check out the below step on how to rig a spinner bait using a Clinch knot. We have given a detailed explanation of the same as follows.

  • Cut the line at a length of 30cm using a measuring tape.
  • Hold the end of the line that you have cut and pass it through the eye of the bait.
  • Keep the line parallel and lay the bait flat on the ground.
  • Hold the end of the line, loop it onto the standing line, and wrap it over. Repeat the wrapping step couple of times more. Keep the line loose while doing this.
  • Now a loop will be formed at the head of the bait’s eyehole. Pass the end of the line through this.
  • Pull the lien tightly to complete the kept and keep it tight so that there is no slack.

How to lure fish using spinner bait?

Invest in spinner bait if you want your fishing experience to be rich. Spinner baits are usually associated with fishing bass. However, you can use it for other fishes even.

This bait would be super effective in a shallow lake as these baits have very colorful metal plates. When you reel back & forth, the sunlight falling on the water’s surface makes the bait flash so that it attracts big fishes to prey the same.

This surely enhances your chances of catching a big fish.

These baits perform best when suited parallelly to the shore and as you drag them back, it gives the feel of an injured fish swimming back. However, you can also plan to fish in a place filled with weeds and underwater vegetation.

Let us now go into some details about fishing bass and other big fishes using spinner bait.

How to rig a spinner bait lure for bass?

First, let us begin by knowing which is the right time to find a bass. This is highly opinionative as this varies based on seasons as well.

We recommend daytime as the ideal time for winters since the fishes are more active during the daytime and tend to attack small fishes. For other seasons, the ideal time would be during low light conditions like dusk or dawn.

Now, coming to the spinnerbait, firstly the color is essential. This will also be somewhat dependent on the weather. Still, we recommend bright colors for cloudy days or when you are going fishing in musky lakes.

Some anglers although claim to have gotten better results with darker colors like black and purple.

How to rig a spinner bait that is small for bass?

Just like colors there are various sizes of spinner baits available too. The most preferred ones weigh around 3/8 – 1/4 lbs. These sizes are thought to be the best for bass fishing.

But then you can also try with small spinnerbaits. Sometimes they can give you exceptional results with a better probability of getting a bite from big bass.

If you are thinking of trying with a small-sized spinnerbait, we recommend using them during the summer. Small baits usually stay close to the surface and sink very slowly.

Can I use spinners for fishing a trout?

Before you go into how must know if it is at all possible to get a trout with these lures. Some say a trout prefers slow and subtle targets and the flashes from a spinner bait do not attract them much. But then we have so many people having the opposite opinion.

You can actually use them for trout fishing but make sure you use the heavier ones as you would like to cast them long to get enough area under cover.

What accessories will be needed?

Let us quickly know what all do you need for trout fishing. Remember some of these are also essential for kayak fishing so you will be ready for both at once.

How To Rig A Spinner Bait _ Accessories
How To Rig A Spinner Bait _ Accessories
  • A fishing rod – must be from a good brand and light in weight.
  • Fluorocarbon leader – usually 5-8 lbs would be a good choice.
  • Barrel swivel – You can opt for the size 10.
  • Spinning reel – approximately 2000 would be a good size.
  • Line – A braided line would be best for this purpose.

Where to look for a trout in the river?

Well, slack water is the most favorable place to find trout as they do not prefer the flowing stream. A place with snags or vegetarian growth is the best place as there are plenty of preying options for these fishes at such places.

Usually, batfish the one whose action is thought to be imitated by a spinner bait can be found in dense populations in the lower reaches of a river. Therefore, trout roam around in such places to prey on them.

How to rig a spinner bait for trout?

Attaching the swivel to the eye of the line and thereby tying a knot with the swivel and the main line will be the best way to start this process. It is easier when you tie knots in such a way and can easily alter the lures.

For clearer water, the scenario becomes different and it will be best if you can tie a fluorocarbon leader. For deeper water, you also need to increase the weight.

Are any selective bait colors?

Well, the bait’s color is very critical and every weather requires a different approach. Even the lake’s transparency is also a point helpful in determining the color.

Colors like yellow, silver and black are often recommended.

How to reel a rig a spinner bait?

This is another crucial aspect for you to consider while fishing with spinnerbaits. Let us quickly get on with the points to consider.

Take some distance to cast

You need to get some good area around to cast the bait out onto the river. Remember that the best approach is to cast towards the shore and start reeling back fast. This will allow the blades to spin and as the sunrays fall on them, they will flash.

This will surely attract the bass and you will have a high chance of catching one quickly.

Position parallelly

It is recommended to cast the bait in a parallel position to the shore and you should place your boat accordingly so that this can be achieved.

Now, this gives you an advantage that when you reel back, the bait will drag straight back towards the shore, enhancing the chances of the fish’s bite.

Open water will give you very few chances of a bite.

Quickly reel back

If you want to have the fish’s attention, you need to reel back very fast. The motion will make the blades flash and the purpose of the bait will be served.

If you do not reel back fast, the bait will simply sink down because of the weight and the fish won’t see it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you fish with spinner bait?

Spinner baits are best when used in low water depth. This has proven to be effective for freshwater fish also. You can use them for fishing perch or bass. You might not have a good chance if you choose to go deep.

How do you rig a spinner bait jig?

A jig is sometimes mistaken as bait, but it is not the same. It is attached to the spinner bait for creating vibration which attracts fish. Jig-heads are also used to connect the bait using a small clip.

Should I add weight to a spinner bait?

Well, not significant though. If you really wish to attach something that makes your bait stay upright underwater, you can choose weights around ¼ ounces. Using weights has also proven to be advantageous in keeping the lure above the bottom.

How fast do you reel a spinner bait?

The ideal range is 6.3:1 for this case. However, it is highly opinionative as people with 7.3:1 have also reported being successful and satisfied. Apart from the reel, your fishing rod should be able to give you a strong drag while fishing.


This is where the show ends today. We have shown you a couple of ways to tie knots for your spinner bait. Now, choosing the best way for yourself is up to you.

If you want to lure fish, use some additional hooks and baits with your spinner bait. This boosts your chances of catching a good fish, perhaps something as big as a bass.

However, we always promote safe fishing. So, remember to wear your safety jacket while you are fishing on the boat. This will also help you to concentrate on your fishing.

Besides knowing how to rig a spinner bait, you must also remember to choose good quality bait and a branded fishing rod and line. Some prefer breaded lines but the choice is completely on you for this.

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